Saturday, December 19, 2015

2016 Looms. Will This Finally Be the Year?

As I've mentioned before, the holidays are a real trial period for me, for many reasons.  They have turned into something to get through and endure, not something that I enjoy anymore.  I do think I can return to the days when I loved the holiday season more than any other time of the year, but that time is not here yet.

Before I get too frustrated, I look at what's been percolating in the past year.  I've made more strides professionally and in early 2016 I will be getting underway with the development of the largest project I've ever tackled, one that will return me to the world of movie-making.  I'm going to be moving forward with the development of a potential TV Pilot based on my character Rayden Valkyrie, from my novel Heart of a Lion.  That's a world that holds a lot of potential for excitement, new horizons and new doors to open.

Physically, I've come to a place where I'm in the best shape I've been in since my 20's, and able to do some physical acts that I could not do back then.  Training has been solid and consistent.  I am always adding new elements and even today I added in some new kettlebell exercises.  Krav Maga has become a wonderful part of my world and something that gets me through the worst of days.  By the time spring rolls around, I think I can reach an amazing place in my physical journey, both skill-wise in martial arts as well as in my physical body.

Writing-wise, I am now underway on the follow-up to Heart of a Lion and also the 4th book in the Fires in Eden Series.  Both of those projects will be big parts of early 2016, and at least one of them should see release in this coming year.  It is also likely that a new volume of Hellscapes and possibly another Chronicles of Ave volume could come to light in the forthcoming year.

Seventh Star Press has made excellent strides, and some exciting new authors coupled with an array of new titles from our core author family give many reasons to expect 2016 to be a big step forward.  There is a lot of positive energy and momentum heading into the beginning of this new year.

I have some exciting things looming in in terms of some conventions I am looking to participate in, both as an author and as a representative of Seventh Star Press.  Some will take me to places like Las Vegas in 2016.  Those are always grand adventures with lots of new people to meet, new networking opportunities, and inevitably the birth of new projects.

I've also gone through two hard years developing the Imaginarium Convention, which is an event based entirely around creative writing.  The third year is primed to really take off.  In fact, we just landed a tremendous Guest of Honor, the one and only Brian Keene.  Imaginarium is something that I take a lot of pride in for what it does in empowering writers, filmmakers, musicians and other artists.

Despite all pitfalls and disappointments, I believe in myself.  I've paid a lot of dues at this juncture, and I've said for awhile the best is yet to come.  There are signs that those days may well be on the horizon, or at least a big step closer will be achievable with the coming of this new year.

Looking at it that way, I have a little more with me to help endure the holidays.  I have taken steps to change my world, and know that I can transform it entirely, and take things to an all-new level.  I will definitely give it my best shot.

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Barefoot Preacher said...

The best IS yet to come! I believe! Grin!