Friday, July 6, 2018

Free Speech Entails Defending Speech You Despise

Free speech is essential to the existence of a free society because it underpins all other freedoms.

Without free speech and expression you cannot begin to have a truly free society, including free markets and the open exchange of ideas that is essential for the advancement of philosophy, technology, creative arts, and so much more.

Many people talk about supporting free speech until it comes to a time where they have to defend someone that they have profound disagreements with.  Yet this is central to what genuine free speech is all about.

The measure of whether or not there is free speech in a society does not involve the speech that is popular in the mainstream or agreeable to members of media and government.  It centers precisely on speech that is unpopular and even sometimes offensive.

Today, the broad brush of labels such as "hate speech" is being used to try to suppress legitimate dissent, intellectual criticism, and non-threatening expression.

"Hate" is a very ambiguous term when it comes to the matter of free speech.

What is "hate speech"?

Does it involve the mere dislike of someone? Is it simply a matter of disagreement with another's view?  Or is it being critical of the teachings of a religion, or the elements of a political philosophy like Marxism or Socialism?

All across the Western world, you see the "hate" label applied to very legitimate speech without the label itself ever being justified in any rational or objective manner.

A person merely giving a presentation on a controversial topic (and one that may have tremendous implications for a society) often meets hordes of one point of view frothing at the mouth, braying of "hate" and "incitement".   They do so when there is a complete absence of any real incitement on the part of the speaker/presenter. In the overwhelming majority of these situations, the only people acting in intimidating, aggressive, or even violent ways are those hurling the "hate" label about and trying to suppress the person they disagree with from expressing their views.

It is a real mob-like mentality and it is a dangerous one.

In the USA, the ratcheting up of the "hate speech" label and others (like "far right", etc.) has reached a point where those who are painted with those brushes actually ARE suffering violent attacks at an increasing rate.  Yet the irony of this is profoundly lost upon those who are committing the violent acts.

It reflects a tremendous degree of hypocrisy and a great intellectual inconsistency when those very same groups of people say they support free speech.

This is precisely why individuals such as Morrissey (music artist, formerly of The Smiths) gain my respect and support fast when they stand for genuine free speech in defending someone that they might have sharp disagreements with on a number of topics.  Morrissey's integrity on the matter of free speech and expression gained him a lot of backlash when he spoke up in defense of the imprisoned Tommy Robinson in the UK. 

Yet that example is exactly what free speech is all about.

I'll round these thoughts about free speech out with a great Noam Chomsky quote. 

Chomsky is definitely not regarded as "right wing" by anyone, so he certainly does not carry the label of "hate speech" or "far right", yet he is razor sharp on what genuine free speech entails.

“If you believe in freedom of speech, you believe in freedom of speech for views you don't like. Goebbels was in favor of free speech for views he liked. So was Stalin. If you're really in favor of free speech, then you're in favor of freedom of speech for precisely the views you despise.”

Sunday, June 24, 2018

We Are Entering a Bizarre Phase of History - Time to Identify Neo-Marxism

It has been an interesting week.

I have been doing what I can to raise awareness of the Tommy Robinson situation in the UK, which I find to be an egregious and draconian violation of natural rights.  In doing so, I have gotten some rather interesting responses from the anti-Tommy faction from the UK (Thankfully, I have gotten a much greater response from the supporters of Tommy and participants in the growing freedom movement there, which is aligned closely with Brexit).

In analyzing these folks, there is a common thread among most of them.  They are far-left in political orientation and, as can be expected, are anti-Brexit.

Needless to say, when I made a few remarks on how I find the EU to be very authoritarian, I got some more interesting responses from members of this particular group.

They are exceptional at name-calling. According to these individuals I am supporting the "far right", "racists" and "xenophobes".  Even more exceptional are claims that I am on Russia's payroll and that I have close connections to the leadership of Britain's UKIP party.

For a group that is always claiming that others wear tin-foil hats, these people clearly have stocked up on this type of headgear.

The claim of being on the Russian payroll has provided me with a lot of much-needed comic relief, a great deal of it in the form of  open laughter.

As far as the rest of it, I expect the name-calling.  This is a typical tactic of this crowd, to malign and smear those that they disagree with.

Regarding the connections with the UKIP, I hate to say that I do not know anyone in the party organization. I do think, from my vantage point, that the UKIP is far more focused on representing the people of the UK than the major parties there that seem to be eager to become vassals to the EU (and ignore the 2016 vote, or work to have more votes until they get the result they want just like the Powers that Be did in Ireland years ago).

Quite simply, the climate is growing ever more hostile.  This is not just in Europe, but also in America, where we have members of Congress like Maxine Waters tacitly encouraging harassment of public officials in public, when saying that members of the Trump administration should "expect push back" while out in public.  The media in the USA is very complicit in bringing along a narrative bolstered relentlessly by the celebrity class  that paints all Trump supporters as the equivalent of Nazis.

I've seen the same kind of vibe in the Brexit situation where the worst of language is applied to those who wish to maintain their full sovereignty and go in the direction of self-determination.

This is truly a bizarre phase of history and I don't see it calming down anytime soon. If anything, the viciousness I have personally been witnessing reflects a very dangerous progression in the mind of these far left folks.

This leads me to another topic that I will be writing more on very shortly


This is my term for what is ultimately at work both in the USA and in Europe right now.  It is more fully expressed in the European Union, but there is a significant faction working for it here in the USA as well.

It is the big prize for a small and powerful circle.  A fusion of Marxist ideology with full-throttle global corporatism (sometimes called crony capitalism in the USA, which is anything but capitalist).

That's the big prize for this camp. Those that benefit the most (I.E. political and economic elites) are making sure that entertainment, media, and the rank and file on the streets (who will be the serfs in such a system) are pushing hard and relentlessly toward this goal.

The good news is that a very strong backlash is underway, a push back that is seen all across the USA and many nations in Europe (notably in countries such as Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, the Netherlands, and many more).  More and more are waking up every day to the Neo-Marxist crowd and their agenda.  Increasingly, they are realizing what a miserable and horrific future it represents.

Those who are awakening realize what is at stake.  It is nothing less than freedom, the exercise of natural rights, and the ability to pursue happiness in the fullest way possible.

Side note: The next #FreeTommy march is on the horizon in the UK.  The showing must be stronger than ever with the media blackout and the attempts to smear the growing freedom movement over there.  Stay strong and make your voices louder!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

A Few Good Developments for Tommy Robinson and a Little Musing About What Prince Harry Would Have To Say About This Situation

The end of the week brought a little good news for Tommy Robinson.  After my last three posts on this topic, it is wonderful to be able to discuss some positive developments.

In a video interview, Caolan Robertson, a member of Tommy's core media team, announced that Tommy had been moved to solitary confinement.  This comes as a welcome development in light of the fact that he was moved from a low-risk prison environment to a high-risk one with active threats to his personal safety. 

It does not completely protect Tommy from harm while in prison, but it does lower the risk.  I have no doubt that this happened because of rising worldwide pressure against this egregious injustice as well as the fact that Tommy has switched his legal representation.

Which brings me to the next development.

Ezra Levant of Rebel Media, who Tommy has worked with in the past, released a video announcing that Tommy now has a much more suitable legal team for the kind of charge that he faced, in addition to opening up a new crowdfunding campaign to assist in Tommy's legal defense.

This change of legal representation addresses a glaring problem with the circumstances of Tommy's initial arrest, where the public solicitor assigned to his case was far from the ideal person to be handling and addressing a contempt of court situation.  Contempt of court is a more obscure and complex legal area, as opposed to more cut and dry legal territory like traffic violations or assault.  A higher-powered legal team is essential to taking on a situation like Tommy's and he now has that kind of representation in place.

The crowdfunding site, at , is designed to pay for Tommy's higher-powered legal team and any excess funds will go to the support of his family.  His family has full access to the records of the account, so there is 100% transparency with the family.

It does not post a running total like a GoFundMe or IndieGoGo campaign, and of course the anti-Tommy crowd was immediately howling about how this fact was "hiding" something.

Clearly, the anti-Tommy crowd has little knowledge or understanding of larger legal cases.  It is imperative that those working on Tommy's behalf do not divulge their financial strength or weakness in regard to this campaign.  An opposing legal team will make strategic changes in their approach if they know the relative strength or weakness of an opponent's financial situation.  To keep Tommy's situation hidden from the opposing legal team is smart, tactical, and a normal approach in a high profile case.

You simply do not "tip off" your opponents to your level of strength.  You keep them guessing.

So kudos to Ezra and the new legal team for taking that approach.  It is just one sign that Tommy is in much better hands now.

I also do not find it to be a total coincidence that Tommy was moved to solitary confinement during the same window that these other developments were happening.

I also see some positives in the few politicians and celebrities that have had the backbone to step forward over the past week and address this case in the right light; namely that it is not about whether or not you agree with Tommy's views, but rather that this is an egregious case of a suppression of rights to free speech and expression, in addition to a very disturbing, authoritarian-style handling of a private citizen.

Janice Atkinson, an MEP from the UK in the EU Parliament made an attempt to speak about the Tommy Robinson case in a session there, only to be shouted down AND have her mic cut off.  This is another instructive moment providing a look at the real face of the EU when it comes to dissent.  An elected member of the EU Parliament was denied even a chance to discuss the Tommy Robinson situation, which, whether one supports Tommy or not, is a major issue of concern to a large number of Europeans.  The video of her getting cut off has been shared in many outlets since and only adds to the travesty of the entire situation.

House Representative Paul Gosar in the United States wrote a very powerful official letter on the case in the light of it being a human rights issue (a view I share as well).  In doing so, he showed more concern for the rights of a citizen of the UK than British politicians themselves aside from the aforementioned Janice Atkinson.

The musical artist Morrissey spoke out about the Tommy Robinson situation, demonstrating intellectual honesty and consistency within a vapid world of celebrities that speak out only when it presents an easy virtue-signaling opportunity.

Performer Vanity Von Glow, who I should note does not share Tommy's views, released a video statement staunchly defending why Vanity participated in the Tommy Robinson rally in London on June 9th.  Vanity made the essential point that rights are not privileges, and that one must defend the rights of all, even those one may disagree with.

All of this brings me to some thoughts that I have regarding Prince Harry, the mention of whom may cause a few raised eyebrows until you step back and think about what I am about to illustrate.

I think it would be very interesting to learn Prince Harry's candid thoughts on this entire situation.  There is a very good reason for this.

Prince Harry has extensive active duty combat experience in the British military, engaging in lethal action against those who share the same ideological views as the individuals that Tommy has been confronting and spotlighting.  The more I research into Tommy's work as an activist and citizen journalist, the more it is clear that Tommy's fight is against extremist ideology and those who would work to raise Sharia Law into a place of authority in the UK; the same Sharia Law brutally enforced by the insurgents/Taliban that Prince Harry put his life on the line to fight against.  

I think it would be very, very interesting to get Prince Harry's thoughts on the matter of Tommy's imprisonment, and what it is that Tommy confronts.  I have a hunch that he would have a stance very similar to Tommy and anyone who has an understanding of Sharia Law and extremist ideology, in that it is incompatible with a truly free society and should never have any genuine legal authority in the UK (or the USA for that matter, but our Constitution is a bulwark against something like that happening here).

Sharia Law is a threat to the rights of women, people of other faiths, the LGBT community, and others (and things like the rules for halal should anger any animal rights advocate).  It is simply that the anti-Tommy crowd has failed to do its homework in researching Sharia Law for themselves.  I think they would be quite surprised to discover all the unpleasant things it contains.

That is perhaps what irritates me the most when I hear some sling the usual insults of "nazi", "xenophobic", "hate", "racist", and "intolerant" toward Tommy and those supporting him. In confronting extremist ideology and spotlighting things like Sharia Law, Tommy is working to protect the rights of each and every one of us.

That is what makes this entire situation regarding his imprisonment so utterly malign and vicious in nature.  That is also why everyone must continue to work hard to raise awareness, educate, and bring growing attention to this grave injustice.

Personally, I think that if he were able to do so, Prince Harry would advocate very strongly for freeing Tommy Robinson.