Monday, January 12, 2015

An Amazing Lady Brings the Sunshine - Shouting It Out to the World!

I've been pretty open on the blog here, especially about some of the trials and storms I've been going through.  I put posts like that up here in the hopes that it shows others going through storms that you should do whatever you can to keep moving forward and persevere, even if it seems like the skies are continuously filled with storm clouds with no end in sight.

Believe me, I was in that state not long ago at all.  Just before the new year, in fact.

Today's post is going to be one of joy and encouragement, because good things CAN happen out of the blue.  Even great things.  And they did.  Oh boy, did they ever. ;)

Never saw this coming.  I had been talking to a very outgoing and witty graphic designer who wanted to give me some help in my path as an author.  I had corresponded with her by email since last summer, in fact, and there was no presence of dating interests on either of our parts as we kept in touch in the following months.

I just thought she was this really cool gal who was super good at what she did, and also thought she was quite a character!  She did make me laugh often with her banter in emails.  You could never predict what you were going to read when you opened one of her emails up.  That's for sure! LOL

As the summer progressed into fall, and I entered a period of great storm, I ended up talking a little more to her and due to the trials I was going through I found myself opening up a lot more about myself.  We also had been talking about having her do some graphic design work for my marketing as an author, and I found that I really got along well with her, though still things were in the context of just being friends.

It all culminated in her creating a logo for me, which she sent to me on the first day of the new year. The logo really sent me a signal that this year could be something new and different. The logo contains symbol elements that represent WHO I am, not what I do, and I was floored by just how wonderful the logo turned out and how insightful her design was.  That logo really bolstered me about the new year and new possibilities.  

I have to back up just a little from that point.  Closing in on the new year, our talk had taken a little bit of a shift.  We were sharing much more with each other, texting and emailing much more frequently, and there was a decided change in our interaction.  There were hints of perhaps some interest on both our parts, enough that my curiosity was piqued about finding out about this very intriguing woman.

On December 30th, I went up to meet her in person in Cincinnati.  We went to a restaurant there and had a drink and an appetizer and talked for awhile, and then we met up with a rather boisterous and interesting friend of hers at a small bar around the corner.  Honestly, I thought I had bored her to tears that night, though at the same time I found myself really drawn to her.

The ride back to Lexington was a little tough, and I admit I had some pangs inside.  I thought that was it, I had flopped right when I sensed that there was something different in the air surrounding our interactions.

I soon found out from her that was not the case and I was invited back to visit her again.  This time, I felt very strongly that we clicked.  We had an absolute blast hanging out together on that particular evening.  She even played Metallica on her audio system and chose the album Ride the Lightning, with no prompting from me whatsoever.  A lady like that gets my attention very, very fast! LOL.

From that visit onward, things took off in all our interactions and next visits.  The more I interact with her, the more I discover just how amazing she is and how much she truly matches up with me. This past weekend, things soared, just a magical time, and we decided to date each other exclusively.

Needless to say, I could not be more thrilled with my new girlfriend, the amazing Elizabeth Lowery. She's a strong woman, extremely intelligent, quick-witted, a very gifted artist, a dedicated mom, which is something I admire very much, fiery, ambitious, good-hearted and supportive.  I am truly blessed and honored to have her come into my life and world.  Her appearance at this time and place in my life is no less than a miracle.

She drove the storm clouds away from my skies and let the sun shine back through once more.  I am still stunned that all of this has happened, as I had steeled myself to just march forward and do what I could to endure under the gray skies.  Elizabeth had other plans for me, thankfully! :)

This past Saturday, we took our first pictures together while hanging out at TGI Friday's with my sister after she finished a bar tending shift at Giuseppe's.  I think it is very cool and fitting that my sister took our first pics together.  One in particular I absolutely adored, because it shows the personality and radiance of Elizabeth and it also shows a look on my face that is from the heart, the kind of look that cannot be faked.  Here is that picture:

This amazing woman has captured my heart and I so look forward to the adventures ahead with her.  I think we make a phenomenal team for a great many reasons, and I think our life experiences put us at a place where we really do understand each other and want the right things for each other.  She definitely gets me, to a degree that just astounds me with every day that goes by.  

I least expected this to happen.  I didn't see this coming.  I couldn't be more happy inside as I write this.  

Yes, I am happy in the truest sense, the sun is shining in my skies for the first time in a long, long while.  I think I just might have finally found my road home now.   

Elizabeth Lowery, I thank you with all my heart. You brought me back. You ARE amazing. You make my heart and my spirit sing.  I can truly say I'm all "Better Now" and I want to shout out to the world about how wonderful you are!  ;)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Day. New Year. And a New Personal Logo Arrives Out of the Blue! :)

This is a short post, as I am just blown away at the moment, but the amazing Liz Lowery, a graphic designer who I know believes in my work and what I'm doing, just stunned me today by sending me my very first personal logo.

It incorporates two symbols that have very deep, personal meaning to me; the concept of the lionheart and the seven-pointed star. I plan on writing an essay to explain what these mean to me soon, but for now I just wanted to share the new logo. I love it!

 It's a new day and a new year! :)