Friday, July 24, 2015

Works in Progress and Other Updates

Been quite a summer so far, and gearing up for a busy late summer and fall.  Going to be posting some updates here on works in progress and other things going on, as I know I've been slack over here on my personal blog.

On the personal side, I've continued to have some challenges, but there's some good things too.  I'm training as hard as I ever have and recently got down just under the weight I was at when I still was playing baseball at age 21.  So far over 153 lbs down over the 6 month journey, and it's been good enough that a company is talking to me about representing a supplement line, believe it or not.  If this actually happens, it would be pretty amazing to say the least.

Me with Valkyrie, my restored 1992 Z28
I also resurrected/restored my 1992 Z-28 Camaro.  There's a big story behind this car, it's very personal, and I kind of let it go during the years when I was suffering the losses of my parents, etc.  It had fallen into rougher shape but I've brought it back with a vengeance, making sure that not only is it as good as before, but better. I have named the vehicle Valkyrie, in honor of Rayden Valkyrie, and she has a new silver paint job, shining like a steel blade in the sun.

Me with reader Breanna Broad
in Madison, IN at That Book Place
In June I got out and about a little, hitting a signing at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Cincinnati, Hypericon in Nashville, and a signing at That Book Place in Madison, Indiana.  All were good events, and now I'm gearing up to oversee the Writers Track at Fandom Fest in Louisville August 7-9.  Just beyond is Imaginarium 2015, taking place September 11-13 this year.

I recently handed in the manuscript for Hellscapes, Vol. 2 to my editor on this one, Scott Sandridge.  This will be my next book release, but I'm immersing into two projects at the moment.  It's high time to work on the 4th Fires in Eden novel, the follow-up to Spirit of Fire.  I am also going to be working on the next Rayden Valkyrie novel, the 2nd in the Dark Sun Dawn Trilogy and the follow-up to Heart of a Lion.  In the past, I have not posted a lot about works in progress, but I intended to do so from here going forward.  I'm really going to push myself to grow and make further strides as a writer with each of these projects.