Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nearing the End of the Gauntlet Run

Nearing the End of the Gauntlet Run

Almost to the end of the gauntlet run, as I call it.  I always am doing double-duty with my writing, work for conventions and helping with the other SSP authors on their promotions and outreach, but this is one of the months it goes into overkill mode with doing the broadcast work at Keeneland.

It has been a pretty smooth month at Keeneland, but we've got a wonderful team (have won 3 Eclipse Awards for Best Simulcast in the last 5 years) that works very well together, and it is a pleasant environment.  The place is first class, of course, (it was used as a location for the Disney film Secretariat, serving as "Belmont" in the film), and if you are ever in Kentucky during this time, it is a must-see place.

I am looking forward to the coming month though...we are counting down to the announcement for the new Fires in Eden novel, and we will have some cover art and other artwork unveiling very soon.  Always fun to launch a new book, and this time I will be doing my first ever formal blog tour, which will number a solid 45 days!  It is going to be a mix of interviews, guest posts, reviews, contests, and even some thing involving video.

Stay tuned!

We will also be in the approach to Fandom Fest, so convention tasks will increase, but I look forward to seeing a great literary track at the event, with the amazing guests, extensive programming, and everything else that is being put together.  Going to be a lot going on, but it is the kind of busy that I like.