Monday, April 8, 2013

Special Project from Wonderful YA Author Dianne Lynne Gardner

I wanted to take a moment to highlight an ongoing Kickstarter project that is within its final week of funding, in the hopes that everyone will take a look at it and consider participating.  

Dianne Lynn Gardner is a highly gifted author AND artist (talk about being able to coordinate with your cover artist! LOL).  I gladly gave her a blurb to use on the first book of her Ians Realm Saga, Deception Peak.  I really believe she's got a great series going, and it has a very good home with a publisher, Hydra Publications, run by a guy who I've known for awhile and can attest to his great commitment and support of authors.

If you would take a moment to watch Dianne's video here and consider taking part, it would be greatly appreciated.  The rewards included some artwork and prints, and I can tell you that Dianne's artwork is truly top level!

The project supports her series, and I can tell you the economics of publishing and putting titles out is tougher than ever today if you are doing it the right way.  It is a worthy series, with a worthy publisher, so check it out and explore Ian's Realm! :)