Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just a little update, and the Exodus Gate is Out in March!

Okay, I've slacked a bit on giving a blog update, but here we go!

This has been a very, very busy month. The Limited Edition run arrived for signing, and Matt, Amanda, and myself each signed every book. So Illustrator, Editor, and Author were all covered in signature! The packages were then assembled and sent out, as alot of goodies were included such as a poster, bookmark, 8X10, and a set of art cards. I was very pleased at how everything came out, and from what I have heard from a few folks, I am optimistic that it will be very well received by all.

Alot is going on now. The regular edition will be out in March, not only in the US, but also in Canada, the UK, and continental Europe. Add to that an eBook edition and a Kindle edition.

The publicist for Seventh Star is doing outreach right now regarding appearances and visits, and I hope to be setting off on the road to Cons and bookstores very regularly throughout the spring and early summer.

One confirmed visit I will be making an appearance at is Hypericon, a convention in Nashville TN that I absolutely love. June 5-7 are the dates. Visit for more info and I encourage you to attend if you want to have a very pleasant Con experience. I've met alot of great individuals the past couple of years, from authors to filmmakers to fans of the genre.

On the movie front, Shadows Light is going to be On Demand, the video on demand service. We have a 90 day window that begins on April 1st.

Locally, we have a screening for the new Indie Masters Festival of Horrors Vol. 1 DVD, set for April 9 at the Kentucky Theater. If you are in the region, come on out! Should be a 7:30 pm screening. We'll be showing trailers and a music video or two, before we show Sirens and Murderer. Should be a great celebration of indie film for all.

Well, that's it for the moment. Back to work!

Monday, February 9, 2009

At the Press

Just wanted to drop by to say that the Limited Edition version is now at the press. It is only a matter of days now until we have the Limited Edition version of The Exodus Gate!

The national release will be in early march. we are very close to announcing the release date, so stay tuned! It has been alot of work, but I think that everyone will be very, very pleased with the end result.

it clocks in at 580 pages, trade paperback size!