Friday, November 6, 2015

Krav Maga - A True Blessing and Gift

The name itself means "contact combat" in Hebrew.  It is a system founded by Imre Lichtenfeld, a very courageous man who had the fire to resist during the 1930's and beyond.  It has been developed extensively by the Israeli military, drawing off a number of various styles of martial arts, ranging from judo, to akido, to boxing, and others.

Its very symbol has an opening in it, signifying the openness to new ideas and evolving.  It is focused on practicality and things that work.  Techniques effective for an abundance of situations are what is emphasized.

The workouts are intense and strenuous, challenging you to give it your all.  I can testify to the results, as Krav Maga has been at the core of my workouts for over the past 18 months, a period that has seen me drop over 170 lbs and 8 pants sizes as I set my mind on regaining myself.  Growing up I had training in Kung-Fu, Wu-Shu and Karate, but nothing ever resonated with me like Krav Maga has.

I wrote a recent post on Retzev, a mindset at the core of Krav Maga that reflects it's Hebrew meaning, essentially "continuous motion".  I absolutely love the dynamic core of this approach, to Krav Maga itself and how its mindset can be applied to all aspects of life.

Everyone that knows me has heard me say how it is of utmost importance to keep moving forward, to keep moving onward and upward.  Retzev reflects that, and that is reinforced each and every day in my training.

From combative drills to combinations, from flexibility work to conditioning exercises, to heavy bag work, my core workout is constantly evolving with what's in it and the techniques practiced. I can say without doubt that I give it my all in every workout, everything is left behind when I finished, and a soaked t-shirt is thrown in the laundry bin.

From fitness to mindset, Krav Maga has been a blessing and gift.  I spring out of bed in a limber state in the morning, and am at a weight I haven't seen since I was 21.  I am very confident in being able to handle myself in self-defense situations and can happily "talk down" an aggressive person knowing that if they cross the line and initiate aggression I am going to be able to handle it efficiently, powerfully and very quickly.

Every day I feel stronger, faster, and more youthful.  The essence of what I train in fits my physical strengths well, and are efficient in every way.

I am very grateful for the gift of Krav Maga.  It is a system open to new input and development, it is focused on things that work, and it delivers in so many spheres, mentally, physically, and even spiritually.

Keep moving forward.  Retzev!!!

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