Saturday, September 26, 2015

Stiff Upper Lip

Sometimes, you just have to set a laser focus and get things done, even if you are tired, or dealing with stress/ emotions, or anything else.  This past week has been a good example of that. Every day, I've gotten a lot done for the press, I've proceeded excellently with my training, and while it hasn't been overly fun or entertaining, I do feel a sense of achievement as I write this late Saturday night.

We've had some new releases at the press, many ongoing blog tours, some new ones coming up, and a few other important initiatives.  Realistically, there are not enough hours in the day to cover it all, but I've hurled myself into it as best I can and have to say a lot of ground has been covered.

I've been working on my website as well, adding some new pages, and fun ones at that.  Z-tracks, which focuses on music I've been listening to, and I've also got pages in place dedicated to my physical journey/training, and the restoration of that Z-28 that means so much to me.  I will be sharing the story behind that car, by the way, so it will make sense as to why that car is special.  The physical journey page will hopefully show others who were in my situation that transformation is not just possible, but DOABLE.  I really hope to encourage those on the same journey as me, in terms of taking charge of the physical self.

Training wise, I had a killer workout today that marks the 11th day out of the last twelve that I've had solid, high-intensity sessions (the other day being a much-needed rest day).  Making progress all the time and was able to integrate some new, advanced martial arts techniques into my routine.  Those moments are milestones of sorts, though I notice improvements in my execution of all other areas.  My main workout is being tweaked and honed all the time and the results continue, so I know it's working! :)

The week ahead should be busy, and I will be preparing for the release of Hellscapes II during Halloween week, so that should be pretty exciting. :)

Stay tuned, October is going to be very active!

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