Monday, October 5, 2015

How About a Rayden Valkyrie TV Show?

Why not?

She's got an honor code that is worth taking a look at, there would be loads of action, some steamy scenes, and far more than a few cool SFX/monster elements.  I think audiences would embrace and love Rayden not demonstrate how she would make a fantastic central character for an episodic TV series?

I've been looking for a project to get back into movie-making and the answer has been staring me in the face. This amazing character has called out to me once more.  I have heard many times from readers how strongly Rayden has connected with them after they have read Heart of a Lion, and I've commented often how strongly Rayden has connected with me.

The content is strong. The message is strong.  It has mainstream appeal.  So why not?

It's not going to be easy.  It will involve a Kickstarter campaign, most likely, and an ensuing production that has to attain a high production value worthy of the content.  But I know of many exceptionally talented folks who I can bring into the project to reach the level that it needs to be.

I've waited for awhile to find the right movie project to get back into, as I want to be sure it's done right.  With a Rayden Valkyrie pilot episode, there is a lot to draw from story-wise that would not require massive scale ala "Game of Thrones." There are a lot of wilderness-based options with Rayden that would not require casts of thousands or massive sets.

Do a few things exceptionally well.  That would be the key.  Bringing across her character in a high production value episode.

It is VERY doable. We would have to be very diligent in who took on the role of Rayden, as there is a lot of dimension to her, but I know we could find the right individual.  I feel that to the core.

It's going to get very interesting and I hope that everyone who has read Heart of a Lion and loved Rayden will help us get the word out on the Kickstarter that is forthcoming.

Stay tuned.... ;)

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