Monday, November 3, 2014

Writing Again...Another Step

The past several weeks, during the personal storm I've been going through, I've found myself unable to write. During other kinds of storms, I've been able to do so, and often it helps me work through things, but this time I found myself hit at such a core and fundamental level that I was truly unable to get words down.

There were a few times I tried. Sitting down in front of my writing computer with all the familiar trappings...and then nothing. Only one day I was able to get anything down, a very emotive session that may serve as the basis for a new book in a genre I haven't been published in. Other than that brief period, though, I couldn't get anything going.

As you have read in my recent blog post on Martial Arts, Motorcycles, and Music, I have been doing all I can to work my way back and even if the route doesn't seem direct, the fact remains that last Friday, Saturday and this morning I was able to write some new material. Some writing for Hellscapes Vol. 2, and some writing for that new book I mentioned earlier.

The word counts were not tremendous, but as I've always said, it is most important to write on a consistent basis, not worry about a word count in a given session.  Writing 3 out of 4 days is a positive step.

I played the guitar quite a bit, had some great workouts too. Weather didn't allow for biking, other than Sunday, but I chose to head to the hills of Eastern Kentucky for a day of hiking on the property of my friends Eric and Kylie, who are two incredible individuals. It was wonderful to be immersed in the magic of Kentucky's wilderness and definitely was a good day.

A taste of the scenery I hiked through. :)
Some amazing contrasts you see when hiking in the hills. :)

I know it's going to be a very long road back, so I take things a day at a time, but being able to write 3 out of 4 days is a bright spot that shows the lionheart is beating a little stronger yet. Day to day, step by step, keep moving forward, right? I intend to do just that.

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