Saturday, November 15, 2014

Slayer on a Sunny Saturday Morning....

Yes, it is a bright Saturday morning, and I started off the day with a pretty good writing session.  Accompanied by Slayer albums on vinyl, and then some Slipknot, I delved into the darker realms with some new Hellscapes material.  I think a strong second volume is emerging for sure! Today I was working on the story that will start the second volume... a rather nasty introduction to hell for one unfortunate, doomed soul! Got an idea for a pretty creepy little beast to put into one of the scenes too.

Followed up that with some intense song lyrics, as I am finding myself able to write lyrics these days, which still kind of surprises me since the first ones jumped out not so long ago.  This was a rather intense set, definitely suited for something heavy-edged.  Kind of an ode to the kind of guys I absolutely despise.  Not playing nice in this one. ;)

Yes, my muse is in a pretty hardcore mode today!  But I love it.

I have enjoyed the new Machine Head album a LOT this week, Bloodstone and Diamonds.  Lyrically, it is fantastic, I got the cool edition with the hardcover book that has killer illustrations accompanying the lyrics (from a publishing standpoint, great layout and compositions!).  I personally think this one is one of their best, without question, and potentially the metal album of 2014.  Of course, I was more than jazzed when I saw a seven-pointed star on page one of the book and the song "Now We Die" has lyrics like "Black steel and iron, a Lionheart is forged from these bones".  Seven-pointed stars and a lionheart.  Gotta like that.   But make no mistake, this is music that comes from the heart, you can't fake that.  Rob Flynn really crushes in this one!

I also picked up the new Foo Fighters' release, Sonic Highways.  A great set of songs recorded in many different cities, each one with its own extensive story.  Melodic and often hard-rocking (note the very Dio-esque, Holy Diver-ish riff in the first single), this is a great CD that shows a band that you can depend on to come through with great rock albums.

I'll definitely be jamming out to Slipknot and Korn CD's this week, getting ready for the big show in Rupp Arena on the 22nd.  I managed to get tickets just two rows off the floor, probably the best place to be if you don't want to immerse in the huge pit that will inevitably break out.  I'm proud to support this show, as Corey Taylor of Slipknot has increasingly been stepping forward as an unabashed spokesperson/champion of the genre at the time that it really needs someone to do that.  No other genre has the kind of worldwide brother and sisterhood that heavy metal has, it is something totally unique and something that I've personally experienced in my travels out of the country.  It is truly the music of the underdog and those who persevere, to paraphrase what Dave Mustaine one said, and it has gotten me through so many dark times in my life, and is currently helping me so much during this time.  I'm proud to support Corey, Slipknot, and Korn and join 10,000+ of my metal brothers and sisters this Saturday night for a thunderous night.  Will be awesome and to hell with the naysayers.  Rock and metal ARE alive!

Until then, I'll keep doing as best I can... writing to be done, guitars to be played, training to be undertaken... probably too cold for the motorcycle though! LOL  

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