Thursday, February 16, 2012

My ConNooga Schedule This Weekend...

Just a small update regarding the upcoming weekend at ConNooga.

I'll have a booth in the exhibition hall (where you will also be able to find D.A. Adams).

As far as my panel activities, here is my schedule on the literary track with the rooms the panels will be found in.

Friday: 7pm Authors and Editors Meet and Greet (with attendees) (Finley Lecture Hall)

Saturday: 1pm The Writing Life: What it Takes (Crystal Room)

Saturday: 4pm Indie Publishing 101 (Crystal Room)

Sunday: 10AM Writing Screenplays and Adapting Stories to them. (Crystal Room)

Looking forward to seeing many wonderful friends this weekend, and especially my reader-friends, as it is always great to talk with you in person. Should be a cool weekend hanging out with fellow SSP author D.A. Adams (The Brotherhood of Dwarves Series). And a shout out to Robby Hilliard, the literary track director at ConNooga. He's put together a great program and that's not an easy thing to do!

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Hunter F. Goss said...

Stephen, hope you have a good visit to the con. Chattanooga is a great town. Sorry my own schedule won't permit a visit.