Monday, February 20, 2012

Great News from the 2011 Readers Choice Awards!

Great News from the 2011 Readers Choice Awards!

ConNooga went fantastic, and I thank Robby Hilliard for putting together yet another wonderful literary track. I am going to report at length on the convention, but I received an amazing bit of news today regarding the 2011 Readers Choice Awards!

The Seventh Throne placed FIRST in the Top Cover Art Category

The Seventh Throne tied for third in the Top Novel Category

An Island Sojourn from Dreams of Steam II (Kerlak Publishing) placed fourth for Top Short Story!

MAJOR congrats to Matthew Perry and THANK YOU to all the readers that stepped up and chose to bring home this award. You made this happen, and you all are really the best! I really appreciate this very much!

I also want to thank Tor is a legendary publisher in the fantasy genre who I have always been a huge fan of, and I really want to thank them for allowing smaller press authors like myself to be eligible for the poll. That is something they certainly did not have to due and alot of credit needs to be given to them.

To read the full list of results and the extensive scrutiny did to ensure authentic voting in the poll, read here:

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