Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ConNooga and a Great New Dream of Legends Review

Getting ready for ConNooga this weekend, and will definitely be giving some reports here. I'm going to be teaming up with fellow SSP author D.A. Adams who will be at my booth with his three new Brotherhood of Dwarves series books. Looking forward to Robby Hilliard's literary track there. It is a very solid one and has many great participants.

If you are in range of Chattanooga this weekend and aren't coming already, you should think about coming on out. The site is

Also, I just got a wonderful new review in of Dream of Legends just now, over at Watch Play Read. Here's an excerpt that blew me away and the link to the full review:

"In true epic fantasy fashion, Zimmer has created a gigantic world full of crazy races of beings, gigantic battles (especially in the war for Saxony) and a cast of characters that you find yourself getting attached to. His writing style is highly descriptive to such a degree that on numerous accounts of reading before bed I found myself having vivid dreams from pages I had just read. I’ve said it numerous times, and I’ll say it again, Stephen Zimmer is a top tier author that is within reach of breaking out. If you’re a fan of Tolkien and R.R. Martin, you’ll find the world of Ave and the Fires in Eden series right up your alley."

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