Monday, August 29, 2016

Help Us Support the Imaginarium Mission to Empower Writers

As Imaginarium Convention approaches its 3rd annual installment, I look back and see that we've made a lot of strides toward our goal of developing a creative writing convention that has a welcoming atmosphere for all genres and levels of writers, and also provides the highest quality of content in a manner that is accessible to writers who cannot afford to attend writing conferences that often charge fees as high as $200-500, and often much more for registration.

Over the three day convention we feature well more than 100 panels and a large number of workshops that cover a full range of topics concerning the craft of writing, various genres, screenplays, publishing, editing, and even game development and creating comics/graphic novels.  There are no additional fees charged, and the $65 registration gives an attendee access to everything, including all other areas of the convention like the film festival, gaming, all entertainment events, and more.

And for our attendees that decide to exhibit in our expo, we give them the best chance for making sales by having the expo portion of Imaginarium open to the general public for free.

Imaginarium is developing in the way we envisioned it.  You don't have to take my word for it, just read through a slew of testimonials we have received:

As anyone who has run one can tell you, even a one day event involves a lot of challenges.  There are loads of costs involved with a convention, and meeting those costs while striving to keep access as inexpensive as possible creates a fine line in terms of making everything work.  All sorts of hotel-related costs, rentals, entertainment expenses, promotion expenses, convention materials, signage, and many other things

One area that many who love Imaginarium might not yet be aware of are our Patron and Friend level sponsorships which are low enough in price that individuals can easily participate.  They both offer logo display on the site for those who have companies or a service to offer.  This can be an event, or a product image like a book cover, the choice is left to the Patron or Friend of Imaginarium.

The Patron sponsorship is $150 and the Friend of Imaginarium sponsorship is $50.  Both are described in full on our sponsorship page, underneath the Platinum/Gold/Silver levels.  If you like what you see and want to help support the Imaginairum vision, you can come aboard right away:

Help us take Imaginarium to new heights and open more doors for all kinds of writers, of all genres. From novelists, to short story writers, to poets, screenwriters, game developers, comic creators and more, we are committed to hosting an event that empowers, educates, networks, and is also quite a lot of fun too!

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