Monday, March 28, 2016

I Invite You to Become Part of Something Truly Positive in the Rayden Valkyrie TV Pilot Project

At the moment we are a little more than two weeks away from the goal line.  We've made progress, with 79 backers on the Kickstarter campaign totaling $6,390 in pledges.  We have posted 31 updates to the campaign, and 4 full videos.  Our Thunderclap coming up on April 7th now has 137 participants, with a reach of 260,000 people among that group.

All of it is certainly positive, but we need additional help to reach the goal.

The questions are straightforward.

If we reach the goal, our task is to deliver a TV pilot.  Will we do that?

Yes, absolutely.

Will this project benefit the Eastern Kentucky region where most of it would be produced.

Yes, absolutely.

Will this project provide numerous opportunities for a variety of talented individual?

Yes, absolutely.

Will this project be something that those involved in it, whether backing it or working on it, an be proud of?

Yes, absolutely.

I won't make this post long, as the Kickstarter site now has posts addressing all aspects of the campaign and showcasing a variety of individuals representing the kind of folks that we would build a production group with.  There are also a slew of awesome custom memorabilia items available only through this campaign, on various reward levels for pledging.

Maybe I should also mention that my deep dedication to this project and character means that I will go to every end to see that this TV Pilot is delivered at the highest level possible.

We just need a little help.  Please consider coming over to the Kickstarter project page and clicking on the "Back this Project" link on the right side, and make a pledge to help us get closer to the goal.

If you back us, we will deliver.  Thank you for reading.

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