Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Friendsgiving Smooths a Holiday Weekend

The Thanksgiving weekend was one I was definitely not looking forward to, for a number of reasons I've already discussed in a recent post.  I won't dwell on those things, as this post has a positive tilt to it.

I love it when things turn out unexpectedly for the better and am happy to say that I got through the holiday weekend with more than a little help from some special friends.

I have a very wonderful friend who I call my Guardian Angel.  She never ceases to amaze me, with how strong she is in the things she faces in her own life, to the uncanny ability to see the real me. She definitely looks out for me and I have to say my Guardian Angel stepped forward in a big, big way this past week and weekend.

It all started when she gave me a call to give her a ride on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to an appointment that she had, as she doesn't currently have a car and her guy was working late.  I have to admit I've never been to a nail salon before, but it was an interesting experience to witness! I learned about gels and acrylics, and got to see the process of a nail application.  Writers always need to be learning things, so I'm prepped if I ever have need for such knowledge in a book! LOL Following the appointment, she suggested having a Friendsgiving dinner before taking her back home.

I've never had a Friendsgiving before, but I understand it now.  It is a thanksgiving of its own, celebrating friendship itself. 

It totally changed the course of my outlook heading into this past weekend, having such a nice and unexpected visit with a true friend.  I headed into Thanksgiving day with a much better outlook. It carried throughout the day and even though I still felt adrift at many points during the day, I ended up having a good time with some family friends and my sister.  

But my Guardian Angel was not done.  Not by a longshot.   

On Friday, she called suddenly and said that she and another dear friend of mine (who is also her best friend) wanted to bring me some holiday goodies.  Of course, being a single guy I had to scramble to make sure the house was in proper order for these two lovely ladies.  They stopped by my  house for a visit and brought chocolate lava cake, an amazing strawberry shortcake kind of desert, and sweet potatoes, which is a true favorite of mine.  Angels bearing devil's food!  The irony!   As you may have gleaned I have been on a physical mission lately and my diet consists much more of Greek yogurt, fruit cups, and things like that than chocolate lava cake, so I had to work an extra hike or two into my weekend to make sure I didn't fall too far off track! 

So, like Wednesday, Friday had some unexpected sunshine brought into it. 

But my Guardian Angel was still not done.  Not by a longshot.  

On Saturday, she and our friend decided to see if I would meet up with them for dinner following their holiday photo session that they were involved in earlier.  While unable to get reservations at our first choice of restaurant, we found another place and had a wonderful visit filled with stories that had me laughing and smiling almost the entire night.  It was truly an amazing and wonderful time with the two of them.  

I think my Guardian Angel knew I was heading into a particularly tough weekend, especially in light of the recent storm I've been going through.  I don't often get to see her in person, so I suspect she brought me sunlight on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday very intentionally. I really am so incredibly lucky to have a friend like her.  She truly sees the real me and senses what's going on.  

So this post is a tribute to those who are true friends and to my Guardian Angel in particular.  I made it through and smiled and laughed far, far more than I anticipated this past weekend. 

Another true friend of mine sent me a note with a video this past weekend as well, interestingly enough, on that Saturday.  I think it really captures a lot of what I'm feeling right now.  I have to admit feeling more than a little emotional when watching the imagery and listening to the words and music in this Avril Lavigne song.  So I'll share that here in the hopes that it might give others fighting through storms a lift.

But in the video you see the images evoking the idea of a long fall and struggle, but you also see the constant presence of friends, and fighting back, and taking a stand.

With friends like the ones I've mentioned today in this post, I just might have a shot of getting by.  :)

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