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Worlds of Wonder Author Hop Day 7: Character Interview of King Hakon from Spirit of Fire

Here we are on the seventh and final day of the Worlds of Wonder Author Hop.  I've got a new character interview for you to enjoy, this one of King Hakon of Midragard from the Fires in Eden Series.  All you have to know for the character interview is that Midragard has a Viking-like culture, and King Hakon is an elderly king who is facing an existential threat to his people at the very twilight of his life.  He is one of my favorite characters in the series, as while his body is aged his heart and spirit are strong!

Before we go to that, I want to thank Kimberly Comeau and T.C. Archer, and Holly from FMB Tours, who put all of this together and scheduled things.  I really enjoyed participating this week and hope everyone liked the content that I contributed here.  Thank you to everyone who visitied the blog!  Be sure to stay in touch!

Character Interview with King Hakon of Midragard

King Hakon of Midragard with 2 retainers
and his wolf Heder.
Artwork by Matthew
I hope you are well, and in good health.

King Hakon: As good as a man my age can be, I suppose.  The spirit of Midragard is yet strong, and that keeps my own strength up.

And that great wolf Heder?

King Hakon: He watches over me always, and still has the energy of a cub!  That wolf has been a dear companion to me through many years.  He is not a mere animal, but rather a friend.

I know you are sensing a very dark time ahead for Midragard.  You have sent an entire fleet to the north to help the Saxans.

King Hakon: The tidings from the north are dark indeed.  A storm has broken over the Five Realms and Saxany, two realms that have Midragard's friendship.

A great force formed from many lands has invaded Saxany.  I had to act, as the Saxans do not have the strength to withstand the invasion for long.  Even with the help of Midragard, I cannot say whether they will be able to hold the enemy back.

Why did you send the fleet, and not hold it back to defend your own shores?

King Hakon: I am defending our shores by sending the fleet north.  If we stay here and do nothing, and let the allies of the Unifier destroy the Saxans and others, we will be alone when the enemy comes to our lands.   We must do everything we can to stand with the other realms that wish to remain free of the Unifier's dominion.

Aid also goes to the Five Realms?

King Hakon: Yes, from the estates of many islands along the trading routes near the Five Realms.  A good number of experienced Midragardan warriors have gone into the afflicted tribal lands.  I do not yet know of their fate.

Messages have certainly been brought to you by very unexpected messengers.  What was it like seeing an Elder?

King Hakon: Long have I known dragons.  They thrive among the Drakkar Mountains within Midragard.  But they are like cubs to a full grown wolf in comparison to an Elder.  I never thought in my lifetime I would set my eyes upon one of those majestic creatures.

Yet the appearance of The Elder in our world is a dark omen in itself.  The Elder drew back from the world ages ago, and have not been seen or heard from until now.  Only something of tremendous importance would cause them to come back into the world of humans.

Will the dragons of your lands take part in the coming fight, especially since the Elder seem opposed to the Unifier?

King Hakon: The dragons know that Midragard gave them a haven, when they could find no rest in other lands.  They revere the Elder, and I know in my heart they will not stand aside when the darkness shrouds our lands.

What are some of the other sources of strength to help defend Midragard?

King Hakon: The Berzerks, and the Ulfhednar.  The Order they are a part of is ancient in these lands, and they are pledged to defend us.  Each one of them is worth a great number of enemy warriors.

There are also many Wizards who have an affinity for Midragard, and they will not wish to see usurpers triumph.

And the Fenraren that Midargardan warriors ride into battle?

King Hakon: The Fenraren are tough and noble steeds.  In each of them is an echo of the great Fenris.  We are fortunate to have them with us during this time.  If the enemy wishes to cross the skies of Midragard, they will not go uncontested.

What are some of your biggest worries at the moment?

King Hakon: Fate has seen to it that Midragard's most difficult hour arrives when my own life is at a very late hour.  I only hope I have the strength to do what is right by my people.

You are regarded as a just and good king.  Why do you think that is?

King Hakon: I do not seek to interfere with the aspirations of the Midragardan people. A king of Midragard is not like the kings I have heard of in other lands.  We are here to lead in times of war, and we are here to help build trade and keep order.  But other than times of war, a Midragardan should have little need for a king.  We are a proud, strong, and free people, and I believe a good king of Midragard allows people to live their lives without interference.

Of course, as long as they bring no harm to others.

Thank you for speaking with me, King Hakon.

King Hakon: It was an honor.  May the All-Father's grace be with you always.

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