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Worlds of Wonder Author Hop Day 3: Character Interview with Dragol of the Fires in Eden Series

For day 3 of the Worlds of Wonder Author Hop, Holly from Full Moon Bites presented these questions for me to give to one of the characters from the Fires in Eden Series. I was able to reach Dragol, a Trogen warrior of the Thunder Wolf Clan. Trogens are tall, muscular beings with faces that have short, broad muzzles, almost like a pit bull. In this series, they are one of the many lands who have come to fight on the side of the Unifier in a war intended to end all wars, and usher in a new order.  When you first meet the Trogens in Crown of Vengeance, they appear pretty harsh and brutal, but there is a lot more to them, and I hope this interview with Dragol gives you some deeper insight to one of my absolute favorite cultures in all of Ave!

Interview with Dragol of the Thunder Wolf Clan:

 Holly: What single thing or goal do you want most in life?

 Dragol: I want to live a life of honor.  What a Trogen means by honor may be different from what you might understand.  I have found the ways of humans very different from those of Trogens.  Human honor may be different from Trogen honor.  But living an honorable life is the highest goal of a Trogen.  A Trogen with honor will find a home in Elysium in the next world.

 Holly: What do you fear most? 

 Dragol: I fear what every Trogen fears. To never be tested. To never be measured. To never know if my heart is strong or not.  To never know if I am truly worthy of being called a Trogen.  Those are the things to be feared. A life untested is a life not worth living.  I believe it is even worse than it is to fail.

 Holly: What’s your world like? 

Illustration of Trogen upon a Harrak from
Crown of Vengeance.
Artwork by Matthew Perry
 Dragol: The Trogen lands are to the north and west of Kiruva, a human realm, and west of the lands of the Gigans. The Trogen lands are filled with hills and great mountains. Many powerful beasts dwell there, many who our great clans are named after. The Blood Boars, the Forest Wolverines, the Mountain Bears, and others. We live in villages, but we live in the shadow of an ancient enemy.

 The Elves have long oppressed the Trogens. They sailed the seas, flew upon their steeds in the skies, and mastered weapons before my kind existed. When we settled our lands, they attacked us. They have raided us throughout the ages. When part of our lands were found to be rich in the things valued by them, metals and gems, they took that land and enslaved a great many of my kind.

It is not Trogen weakness that keeps us from freeing them. We could not build a fortress, or ships. The Elves would attack in great strength to destroy them before they were completed.

Blade to blade, we can fight them.  But we do not have their high walls or their ships.

We were able to master sky steeds, and we fly upon the great Harraks who dwell in the mountains of our lands.  Since the time of the warrior Marragesh, we have challenged the Elves in the skies.

We live at all times under threat, but our kind are strong, and we have endured.   One day we will find a way to liberate the Trogens held captive.

Our path is not an easy one.  Like a longblade, a Trogen is forged.  The world that we live in is the fire that shapes the iron of who we are.

Holly: Are you presently in love, or do you hope to find someone special? 

Dragol:  It is hard for me to understand what humans mean by love.  Do you mean a mate?  I have yet to find a mate. I will not do this until I know in my heart that I am fully worthy of being a Trogen Warrior ... fully worthy of being one of the Thunder Wolf Clan ... fully worthy of being called a Trogen. Any sons or daughters I have must be born to a father with honor, as I was born to a father with honor and a mother most strong.  I must be worthy of the respect of my mate.  I must be strong for her, as she must be strong for me.

A Trogen life is not an easy journey.  A family is a great responsibility.  Sons and daughters are reflections of those who give them life.  And they are reflections of the clan.  It is not the duty of others to raise our offspring.  It is our duty to raise them and prepare them for whatever may come.  This great responsibility is one that must be shared fully by the two who are mates.  This is why the choosing of a mate is no easy thing, for a female or a male of the Trogen kind.

I do hope that when I return to my kind I can find a mate.  I want to have strong sons and daughters, and a mate I respect, honor, and share life with.

Holly: Sum up your life in the last few weeks in 150 words or less. 

Illustration from Spirit of Fire of a
Trogen Warrior in combat against
a knight.
Artwork by Matthew Perry
Dragol: The fighting had just begun over the tribal lands, the place the humans call the Five Realms. While protecting the huge Darroks sent by the Unifier, the warriors under my command did not heed my command and became reckless when I saw a great force of Midragardan warriors approaching through the skies upon Fenraren steeds.

I did not wish to throw my life away so uselessly when they went against my command and rushed to certain defeat. I landed my steed on the ground and took to the forests where the enemy dwelled.  It was there that I met the Wanderer. He is of human appearance, but I believe him to be a Wizard as he has done much to show he has great powers.

He was like a guide to me, even to the moment when I was taken captive by tribal warriors.  Much has happened since then, and I am still held by the tribal humans as another journey begins.

 Holly: Do you have any words of wisdom you think everyone should live by? 

Live always with honor.  It is hard to explain this to humans.  Trogens do not care for the gold and silver that seems to rule you.  You deceive each other, kill each other, steal from each other over metal from the ground.  The worth of a Trogen has nothing to do with what things they possess.  The worth of a Trogen is measured by what they have done.  Courage ... strength ... loyalty ... these are some of the things that are part of living with honor.  It is earned.  It is built.  It is forged.  It is not given.

Holly:  If you could change one thing of your past would you? If so, what would it be and why?

There is nothing I would change.  I may know and realize more now than I did before.  But the path that led to where I am today brought me what I needed to have the understanding I have in my heart now.  I have always sought to be true to myself.  I have made unwise choices, but I have learned from these times and grown.

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Casey said...

You've got a fantastic artist! Are the books illustrated? (Sounds like a dumb question, I know, but the illustrations could only be on your website and not in the books.)

sgzimmer said...

Hi Casey,

Thank you for the comment! The books all contain interior artwork (from 10-15 per title), done by the same artist that creates the cover art. His name is Matthew Perry and he's developed a wonderful body of artwork for both the Fires in Eden Series and my Rising Dawn Saga. You can see a full gallery over at the Seventh Star Press site on Matthew's page underneath the Artist menu choice. ( ).

Sheila Deeth said...

Cool and very convincing!