Thursday, May 12, 2011

WonderFest This Weekend, and podcast of my visit with Malice Cooper

Have had a good week tweaking things out on the last parts of the 3rd Rising Dawn Saga book, as well as working hard on the support phase of Jackie Gamber's Redheart Campaign and some other tasks.

I am getting ready to head to Wonderfest in Lousiville this weekend. Should be a lot of fun. Mainly a modeling/toy convention, the core genres present here include Sci-fi, fantasy, horror, etc, so I think it will be worth the visit as an author. Out of 2,000 attendees, there should be 3 or 4 readers in the crowd, LOL. I'm looking forward to a nice, short range trip with the gas prices as they are. I will also get to hang out with Ken and Myra, the heads of Fandom Fest/Fright Night Film Festival. It will be good to visit with them as I just handed in the Literary Track grid on Monday for the event.

If anyone reading this will be at Wonderfest, come on by my booth and say hi. I'll be there both Saturday and Sunday.

I also had one link to pass along, regarding my appearance last night on Malice Cooper's rock show out of Canada. She put up a podcast archive of my interview, which can be found here:

It was a great experience, getting to talk about conventions, comparing the writing process for books to that of music, talking bands, and much more. Malice was a great host and I hope to return to her show later this summer when the 3rd RDS book is released.

That's about it for the moment! I'll be reporting on Wonderfest, and anything else that comes up in the next day or so!

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