Saturday, February 19, 2011

Midway through ConNooga!

I'm about middle of the way through ConNooga, and things are going well so far. Definitely no lack of interesting things going on here.

Got to see Dave Mattingly of Blackwyrm Publishing in a Mini-me costume, which was a big hit at the Costume Contest. Got serenaded by Andy Deane of Bella Morte (After he led an entire legion of his fans down the aisle right up to my exhibit booth...I am not kidding about this. There will probably be some pics posted on this one! LOL). David Blalock has made a surprise visit to the Con. Even stranger, Sean Taylor, Jason Crowe, D.A. Adams, and Sam Flegal all showed up with the same kind of collared, buttoned, red shirts today. Apparently I didn't get the memo that it was red-shirt day.

The panels have been really good. Robby Hilliard's put together a very nice literary track, and we've definitely had full discussions going on every panel I've been on. Been great to share panels with the likes of Mike D'Ambrosio, Dan Jolley, Allan Gilbreath, Kimberly Richardson, Sean Taylor, Shane Berryhill, and all the great folks on the literary track.

Got one more day to go. We're doing a Swordbearer screening tomorrow at 11am, and then I have 2 more panels, and it will be time to head back to Lexington. Will need to get ready for Mysticon in Roanoke VA next week!



Joel Gates said...

It was great meeting you and your panels were really helpful and inspirational!

sgzimmer said...

Hey Joel, glad that you enjoyed them! You will get a kick out of my "serenade" from Andy Deane, at around the 3:15 mark of the video in the post just above this one.

Stay in touch and I'm very happy you found the panels to be of benefit.