Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Michael West Now a Part of the SSP Family!

It has been a long and very busy day, but a great one. We went public today with the news that Michael West, an award-winning horror author based out of Indianapolis, is now a part of the Seventh Star Press family.

Michael is one of my favorites on the convention circuit, and he will really mesh well with Jackie, Steven, and myself at SSP. With Jackie's young adult fantasy novels, Steven's hard-hitting heroic fantasy work, my epic-scale books, and Michael's horror novels, we are really showing some dimensions at SSP, even if the roster is smaller at the moment.

Anyhow, back to Michael...he is going to have Cinema of Shadows put out later this summer, and then Spook House will arrive in 2012, with a third, as of yet untitled, book to arrive in 2013. All the books will be themed around the town of Harmony, Indiana, so it will be a franchise of sorts.

He is a fantastic writer, with titles and short stories out through many excellent publishers, such as Apex, Graveside Tales, Shroud, and more.

I definitely look forward to working with Michael at events and conventions!

For the full press release, just click here!

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