Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Rising Dawn Saga Video Trailers Up Now!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have 2 new video trailers up for the two books in the Rising Dawn Saga. It fills a gap that's been lingering for awhile, and I really feel that these trailers give a good notion and feel as to the content the books.

They definitely showcase the artwork from Matthew Perry, in a dynamic way, using each art piece as a layer to pan across, or zoom in or out on, in a sequence that introduces the books.

Be sure to find these on the YouTube page to get the direct links and/or embed codes, so that you can share them or embed them in your own pages. That would really help to spread the word farther on the series! I appreciate any consideration you can give to embedding/linking the trailers.


ediFanoB said...

Good trailers are always welcomed. Started to read THE STORM GUARDIANS....

sgzimmer said...

Glad you enjoyed them, I think that they set an accurate tone for the book contents. Hope you enjoy The Storm Guardians...I think you'll dig the epic battle in it at the least!