Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A harrowing last week, but I'm revving back to speed.

Haven't been online much over the past few days. Had a real scare on the homefront when I had to take my mother into the emergency room last Thursday, due to an extreme increase in blood pressure. At first, it looked like a stroke was underway, but thankfully the tests showed that it was not. She was unresponsive, and then had a major seizure, so it was a very nerve-wracking situation to be observing. But once they got the blood pressure under control, she regained her alertness, etc. They kept her in ICU until this past Sunday, then two days in another section for observation, and they released her yesterday. Things look okay, but it was a harrowing few days.

I'm revving back up to full speed, as I was only able to tend to the most timely project issues during the recent few days, normally at very late or early hours.

We are getting the last few planning elements in place for the 3 shoots that are left for Swordbearer. The big shoot is on the 25th, when we will have the fight of the champions, Al Snow and Benjamin Wood. It is going to be a long shoot, but has the potential of being a very, very good one.

also got the good news that one friend, TammyJo Eckhart has a new agent, which is fantastic news for her outstanding vampire book that she will be finding a home for. Also, Steven Shrewsbury had a new novel called Hell Billy picked up by a great publisher. Big Congrats to the both of them.

I am in the stretch run on the final polish on the 2nd Fires in Eden book. It is on course for a December release, and I think folks that enjoyed Crown of Vengeance are in for a big, big adventure. My editor on this one, Karen Leet, was very happy with the pacing and the flow of this one. Matt will be doing another set of illustrations for it, building onto the body of artwork that has already been established.

In other notes, The Exodus Gate and The Storm Guardians are up now on Apple's iBookstore. Crown of Vengeance should appear there shortly. All three titles are available on Kindle, and in about a week the three titles will be available in many eBook outlets. Those with Kindles, iPads, or Sony eReaders are well-covered. The titles are very favorably priced, with The Exodus Gate and Crown of Vengeance being just $2.99 and The Storm Guardians being just $3.99.

Look out for some new announcements to come shortly, involving some short stories.. ;) that's all I'll say for the moment!

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