Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Week Ahead...New Book Announcement

Last week was great, with the unveiling of Steven L. Shrewbury coming aboard Seventh Star Press. This week is going to be rather exciting as well.

Yes, it is time...the sequel to The Exodus Gate, Book Two of the Rising Dawn Saga, is going to be announced and cover art will be revealed.

The title is going to be launched at Nashville's Hypericon, a great Con that I have come to regard as very special to me. There are a string of appearances following it, during the launch month of the new book, including a stop in Memphis on June 7th, Huntington on June 11, Louisville on June 12, Cincinnati on June 13, Chicago from June 18-20, Lexington (the big homecoming signing) on June 25, and then wrapping up with the fourth of July weekend in Indianapolis.

There WILL be a Limited Edition package offered, as with the other two novels. This one promises to be the best yet. Details are still being sorted out, but I can say that it will be a limited edition hardcover, limited to 75 copies, and will include all of the extras that many have come to enjoy, like the bookmarks, poster, card sets, and glossy cover arts...but wait...there's more...

this one will include a t-shirt as well, the first design from the new book. We are working with our pals at Fast Custom Shirts to integrate this into the package. It will feature one of the illustrations in the new book (artwork by Matthew Perry), and will be on a pre-shrunk, 100% cotton shirt. Those getting the limited edition package can specify their size.

As I've said before, I'm willing to go the extra mile, and a few miles beyond that, to deliver the best quality releases and related items that I can. It is my way of demonstrating my deep regard for my readers, who I never take lightly or for granted. It is why I work relentlessly to keep to a schedule whereby my two primary series (Rising Dawn Saga and Fires in Eden) will each have new titles on roughly 1 year cycles, and why I push myself as hard as I can to maintain a very active convention and appearance schedule. I hope that my readers appreciate the new package.

Expect a lot in the coming months...the new book, a slew of new appearances, the new resin-cast figure series being debuted, my first film project as a director related to fantasy, and more. I wouldn't have it any other way! Join me for the ride, and let's make it a wild and wonderful one!

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