Friday, May 7, 2010

Steven L. Shrewsbury Aboard the Publisher I'm With!

Definitely in a great mood with the public announcement that Steven L. Shrewsbury, a first-class guy and fantastic fantasy/horror author, is now with Seventh Star Press.

I remember meeting Steven for the first time at the 2008 version of Hypericon, a little less than a year out from the release of my first novel, The Exodus Gate. He was a great panelist, and I went up to talk to him afterwards, and found him to be approachable and helpful. He had some great advice on working with bookstores that I was able to use very effecively when my own book got released.

I also picked up HAWG, a horror/thriller tour de force, with a monster of the like that I have not encountered since Clive Barker's Rawhead Rex.

He's had a truckload of tales published, and his recent novels have been through some excellent small presses like Graveside Tales and Lachesis publishing, and, of course, he had a short story in Harlan County Horrors, from Apex Publications, which is one of my favorite small presses of all ( Jason Sizemore, the head honcho there, has great vision, tenacity, and has really progessed Apex forward)

Steven is now aboard Seventh Star Press. The full press release is here:

His new novel Thrall involves the Nephilim, supernatural forces, and is set in the ancient world. His style is, like the press release says, in the vein of guys like Robert E. Howard (the Conan guy) and David Gemmell (whose book Legend is a fantasy classic)

I am looking forward to working with him to promote our work together. He's a self-starter, and rarin' to move forward, which is music to my ears.

I'll keep everyone posted about how Steven's book is coming along and when the release is. He's working with editor Louise Bohmer, and Matt Perry, who has done all my cover art and illustrations, will be doing art for Thrall.

Interesting side note on Louise...she's an editor that Amanda DeBord (SSP's head editor) wanted to bring in to do SSP projects as the roster and catalog expands. Well, it just turned out that Louise did Steven's last novel, Tormentor, and that the two of them really clicked working together. Small world, isn't it?

Anyhow, I've been helping with getting the news about Steven out, as there are two of us involved with PR activities, but it is worth it as Shrewsbury is one of the true gems in the fantasy/horror scene. I'm wishing him the best and I hope you all check him and his work out! (and get Thrall when it is unleashed!)

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Angelia Sparrow said...

Been following that. I read Hawg earlier in the year. All I could think was "Lovecraft goes Southern Gothic."

I'm hoping for good things. So far, I've been impressed with Seventh Star's quality. There were a lot of technical problems (none Shrews' fault), typesetting and such, with Hawg.