Tuesday, October 17, 2017

TV Pilots and Conventions Back to Back Make Definitely Challenge One's Endurance

It's October and I need a vacation.  Haven't had one of those in a LONG while, but it would be nice.

It has been quite a run since March, a full-throttle work mode that encompassed the pre-production/production of Rayden Valkyrie, Saga of a Lionheart, and then the main preparations and delivery of Imaginarium Convention 2017.

Both are projects near and dear to my heart, but they both required wearing multiple hats and grueling schedules. I exhausted myself and regained some weight in the process, unfortunately, but in order to deliver both projects it had to be done.  Both were on very small budgets and a lot had to be taken on that would normally have been handled by a hired staff. 

We just released a new trailer about a week ago for the Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart TV Pilot, which stars Brock O'Hurn and Sol Geirsdottir, and has an extremely talented ensemble cast. Take a few moments and enjoy the trailer here:

For the next few months I will not have any major events looming, thankfully.  We are in the post-production phase on the TV Pilot and we will be presenting it to a number of parties before the year is out as we seek a good home to develop a full series.  

I will have a lot of activity to attend to with my writing, working for Seventh Star Press, and developing things for next year's Imaginarium Convention, but it won't be at the same intensity as my March-October schedule was.  

I am also aiming to ramp up my physical training again.  Really not happy about backsliding a bit these past few months, but I had to do what I had to do to take the next steps on my path.  I sincerely hope I will not have to run that kind of gauntlet again, and the next time I will be able to operate on a level where there is a budget for additional staff help, etc.  I know I can get shored up physically again, it's just a matter of consistency and focus.  

One project I am excited about is The Creative's Cauldron, a new YouTube show I will be doing with my better half, Holly Phillipe, that will be a candid, funny, and entertaining take on our lives working in the indie creative world.  It won't be scripted I think a lot of authors, filmmakers and other creatives will relate to the kinds of stories we share from our daily lives working to take the next steps on the creative path.  Definitely check it out, and be sure to subscribe to the Seventh Star Press YouTube channel so you get the notifications on new episodes!  The link for that is: www.youtube.com/seventhstarpress

It's a very interesting time for sure, and I know there's an audience for the things we have developed and are developing, but I would not turn down a vacation opportunity! haha! 

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