Monday, March 10, 2014

In the Midst of a Convention Run, Author's Fair This Saturday!

The convention season is underway, amid a veritable maelstrom of activity on the press side at Seventh Star Press.  We've got a slew of new releases and a big ongoing promotion campaign that entails ads with such notable publications like Locus Magazine and Fangoria. (not to mention our presence on sites like Book Chick City, Bitten by Books, and Night Owl Reviews).

All of that has certainly kept things very busy, not to mention the preparations you have to do for conventions, with stocking things for a vendor booth, etc.

John Hartness, me, Bobby Nash, Jim Butcher, Cherie Priest,
David Coe, & Anthony Taylor at ConNooga 2014
Time always moves so quick during one of these months.  ConNooga 2014 was a definite winner.  Robby Hilliard succeeded again with his Writers Track, as it was the best one yet.  I had some personal highlights in that I got to be panels with Jim Butcher and Cherie Priest, two of the best in the speculative fiction world.

Of course, these kinds of weekends move so fast, between running the booth and everything else involved in a convention weekend.  The surroundings are always full of eye-catching moments, and you never know who will stroll by the booth in costume.  But as an author guest, you really have to be "on" the entire time, and those who know what I mean will also understand what I mean when I say that can take a lot out of you over the course of a weekend.

A Mandalorian at our booth
at ConNooga 2014

This weekend I will be heading to Author's Fair in Madison, Indiana, which is held in front of That Book Place, the store run by Frank and Kim Hall, two of the nicest individuals in the indie book world.  They definitely take care of authors, and there will be a very nice group assembling for the event.  You should check out the full list of attendees.  This is the fourth year that Frank has held the event, and it is really a great environment for readers and authors to connect and visit together. If you are within and hour or two, it is most certainly worth the drive.

Coming up right after that is MidSouthCon in Memphis, TN, and EvilleCon, in Evansville Indiana, two pretty large events back to back.  So I'm definitely going to have to make sure I'm stocked up on Monster Energy! Looking forward to seeing readers and my friends in the author/publishing world.  Doing my best to take another step each day, as hard as it can be.

But I'll leave things today with a great photo of D.A. Adams, my fellow SSP author and good friend, as we managed to find some Dwarves from The Hobbit running around ConNooga.  Considering D.A.'s series is The Brotherhood of Dwarves, this is a perfect fit!

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