Saturday, July 28, 2012

Contest and Some Writing Updates

Getting ready for another week of adventures, involving things with me and with the rest of my SSP family.  RJ Sullivan's new book Haunted Obsession gets announced Monday, so I'll be heavily involved with the outreach on that one, including the announcement of his blog tour, reveals of the cover art, his limited hardcover offer and more.  I always love the energy of book launches, and I think it is really cool that SSP has a a paranormal thriller in the catalog too.  RJ's a really excellent writer, so give this one a look for sure.

As for me, watch out for my very first contest.  Yes, that's right, a big giveaway, with a very nice grand prize.     I will be using a system where you can get extra entries for liking/adding some authors who are participating along with me, so you'll have a chance to accumulate a few more entries.  

I'm continuing work on the new SSP site as well as my own, and expect those to get fully shored up in the next several days.  In the meantime, if you wanted to pick up some books, or posters and t-shirts featuring some of the artwork, head on over to:

I've been writing a lot this past week, making more good progress on the 4th Rising Dawn Saga book.  Was working on a Gregory section, one for Dagian, and another for Jovan earlier today, in fact.  Going to be some big surprises in this one for sure.  

Short-story wise, I'm polishing some of the stories in the new horror series I've mentioned before, as well as a few intended for the Chronicles of Ave and the Annals of the Rising Dawn.  I think we are very, very close to seeing a number of these ready.    Beyond that, I've been fleshing out some ideas for a new YA urban fantasy/paranormal series that I've been envisioning.  I'll keep everyone posted on that front.

Also would like to thank everyone for the kind notes and words of encouragement about my mother, who is making progress following the surgery she had two weeks ago.  She's largely back to her usual self, though her vision will take awhile to improve due to the nature of the surgery.  

So that's it for the moment!   I'll be sure to let everyone know the details about the contest when it is ready early in the week!

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