Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Free eBook Alert Page Debuts!

Today marks the debut of a Free eBook Alert page on my blog here, just a nice way to give you all a heads up about some cool free eBooks.  Won't be just mine or other SSP authors either (though I hope you take advantage of free days involving those books too!).  I will also be putting links and information up for eBook offers from other authors and publishers too!

I'd suggest bookmarking this page, and when you see some free eBooks listed there, go download them and enjoy!

Today's debut has one SSP author, D.A. Adams for his great YA Fantasy novel The Brotherhood of Dwarves, which is free on Kindle all today (Wed, May 2)

The other alert is for a great 10 author extravaganza from Hydra Publications.  Many genres, 10 different authors, all free on Kindle.

To get the lowdown and bookmark this new page, go here:

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