Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Gratitude to My Reader Friends-A Thanksgiving Message

To all my reader-friends, today is one of those days I tend to get a little reflective. I always think about the things I am grateful for on the Thanksgiving holiday.

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to my reader-friends in particular today. Without you, I cannot pursue my dream, without you, I cannot achieve it, and without you, I can't exist as an author. This is in my mind every day of the year, but sometimes it needs to be said openly.

The things that you might think are smaller, like sharing a link, making a post, putting up some comments/reviews on or GoodReads, are always deeply appreciated. I thank you for taking the time to do that, as it makes a real difference. I do notice it, and each thing you do puts a little more wind into my sails.

My work as an author is an inseparable part of me, and not a small one at that. It is not a hobby, a pastime, or a side pursuit. It is at the heart of what I am, and who I am. I am in my work. When you pick up one of my books, it is a validation of the real me, the area of my life that contains my dreams, the part I am passionate about. As you can probably guess, I have a very special affinity for those who are supportive of my path. I have commented on this before, but this is why I often use the term reader-friends, because in helping me attain my dream, you are being a true friend, as a friend wants the best for those they care about.

I want you to know that I honor your support every day by giving my path every ounce of effort and resource I can put into it. From burning the candle at both ends, mountains of research, a lot of sacrifices in my lifestyle and time, I demonstrate my commitment to you every day, pushing always to improve and grow as a writer.

Thank you for keeping the faith. Know that everything that you do, from helping to promote my work, to buying a book or eBook, is an encouragement that helps me to keep moving forward when my pockets are empty, my body is exhausted, and the slope of the mountain looks impossibly steep. We'll get to the summit of that mountain together, and I will be an author you can count on, who will work hard to bring you new adventures to escape into, and enjoy for years to come, and who will always be the kind of author you can approach, and reach out to.

thank you for all you do! :)


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