Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Get Ready for Increased Content here!

This has been a very interesting and extensive summer. On the book side of things, largely good, on the personal side it ended on the heartbreaking side, but I am looking forward to the fall for many reasons.

This summer involved conventions in cities such as Chicago, Charlotte, Louisville, Columbus, and more, including a couple where I served as the Literary Track or Writers Track director (Louisville's Fandom Fest on the former, Chicago's Duckon on the latter.) In some ways it was rewarding to get back on a Con staff, as I could help create opportunities for my fellow authors, and in others it was trying, as these always involve a lot of hard work, and you can't control everything (as in the case of very disappointing hotel management at the Fandom Fest site, which contributed to an environment that was more challenging than it ever had to be).

The summer ended with a couple of new things on the writing front. One, of course, was the latest book in the Rising Dawn Saga, Book 3, The Seventh Throne, and recent days also saw my latest Harvey and Solomon story, "An Island Sojourn", in Dreams of Steam II: Bolts and Brass (from the awesome folks at Kerlak Publishing).

The Harvey and Solomon story is something that brings me both increased joy and piercing sadness, as Harry passed away a few weeks ago due to complications with his FIV (kind of like the cat version of Aids). All I will say right now is that I'm doing my best to function, but it really tore away another piece of me, and in the case of Harry, a big part of me. The three years I had with this amazing cat were such a tremendous blessing, and the world is most certainly a darker place without him. He made a huge difference in my life, I love him immensely, and I can only grasp onto the hope that there will be a reunion in a much, much better realm one day.

Rest assured, there will be more Harvey and Solomon stories in the future. It is the least I can do for Harry.

The near future promises to be full of activity, even if I'm not on the road very much this fall. I am returning to work with Fandom Fest, and there's going to be an exciting new component with it, a kind of new zine, that will be very proactive in spotlighting authors, publishers, editors, artists, and more. We've got a building staff of writers for it, and more info will be coming soon.

Similarly, the Seventh Star Press blog has taken another step, with some new regular contributors aboard, new regular segments, and more. It is also going to do everything possible to bring a light to talented individuals and worthy organizations/companies in the publishing world.

Should be quite a bit of new online media generated, and I hope it does some good for everyone in this crazy publishing climate.

On the film side, the Swordbearer screenings have gone well, in terms of the feedback I have gotten from them. I am currently at the outset of developing a feature length project, which will be tough as it involves the largest budget I've ever sought by far. It is based on an original screenplay of mine and I hope to find some individuals interested in financing a project dedicated to creating a theatrical quality, ORIGINAL dark fantasy film with a couple of significant cast names. I think with all the remakes, sequels, things based on comic books, etc, people might be a little hungry for a truly original story, and I can assure you that this one has all the goods.

It also looks like I'll be taking on a screenwriting project for a talented producer. More on that later, but it is something I am very interested in doing.

I'll be working very, very shortly with Karen for the preparation for the third Fires in Eden Book. Very excited about returning to Ave, as I love that place! :)

I'll also be doing everything I can to help with PR and outreach for Seventh Star Press, which includes coordinating a new "street team", the Seventh Star Saints (anyone volunteering to help a small press out is worthy of sainthood, without question, LOL). I do a ton of work in the area of promotion for the SSP authors, but it is worth it as they are really a first rate group to be involved with. Michael, Jackie, Steven, David, and D.A. are just fantastic individuals, which makes the long hours worth it.

I'm sorry I got a little behind on my posting here, but the Fandom Fest tasks (my track alone had 55 panels, 20 workshops, and over 100 participating guest panelists), had me tunnel-visioned for a little while (except for my writing, of course, LOL), and then the situation with Harry knocked my awry for awhile. I'll be much better. In fact, I plan to be more candid about many things in the coming posts, as far as my insights on the worlds of writing, film, the industries involved, and more. Hopefully you will enjoy it!

So, I'm sorry for being a little shabby on my consistency lately on the blog here, but I'll be making up for it in a hurry!




Terry W. Ervin II said...

Sad news about Harry.

A lot on your plate upcoming. The film projects and writing will certainly keep you busy. Nothing wrong with that, especially for those of us out there that enjoy your works.

sgzimmer said...

Hey Terry,

Thank you. I'll put it this way, I hope with all my heart Aslan was there to let Harry right in to the true Narnia. On my end, it has been, and continues to be, a very tough time.

Yes, I have a lot on my plate, but keeping busy is what I like, and certainly helps at times like this. Onward and upward...and someday, "Further up and further in!"...right? :)

ediFanoB said...

Hey Stephen, I'm very sorry for your loss of Harry. We own two cats and I don't know what will happen when they will die.

You are incredibly busy - kudos for that!
I look forward to all the promising news.

I posted about the new book trailers.

I wish you good luck for all your project and I hope you will not overdo.

There is no know human body which possess infinite energy.

sgzimmer said...

Michael, thanks for the kind note, and may your cats lead lives of legendary duration! :)

thanks for posting the trailers, as I really appreciate that. Small press authors need all the help we can get! :)

It is true that the human body that we wear does not possess infinite energy, but what animates that body, who we really are, does! :) I'll just have to hope I can keep both on the same page for awhile longer! LOL