Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Guest Blog and a Couple Notes

Today I am a guest on the Something Wicked site, which is a blog site run by several successful authors including NY Times best-selling author Angie Fox and Shirley Damsgaard (whose first Jess McConkey novel, Love Lies Bleeding, hit the stores yesterday!).

In this blog I introduce The Seventh Throne, and talk about its context as a third book in a series. I think that my reader-friends and those who have not read my work alike will find something interesting.

I have been wwaaaaayyy behind on blog posts, but I have a big one coming up in a day or two that will explain what I was bogged down with. Been pushing myself pretty hard lately with the recent Fandom Fest in Louisivlle that I was the literary track programmer (and gaming track) for.

Anyhow, please visit the guest blog if you get a few minutes, and blog sites always appreciate comments, so leave a few when you are done reading! :)

here's the link:

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