Wednesday, June 1, 2011

D.A. Adams comes aboard Seventh Star Press

Marcon went very well last weekend, and I haven't been able to slow down from the moment I got back. I definitely will be posting some pics and a report, though I may have to do it from ConCarolinas this weekend, in Charlotte!

One of the things keeping us busy is the announcement that D.A. Adams is now a member of the SSP family! The Brotherhood of Dwarves series is a great one, with heavy action, great characters, and appeals to readers of heroic fantasy, epic fantasy, and even YA fantasy. I really think the world of D.A. and am looking forward to having him aboard.

I wanted to be sure everyone here checked out the new press release:

SSP will be reissuing the first two books and the new third book this year, and there are two more to come!

I'll be putting up some posts shortly with some pics from Marcon!

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