Friday, January 28, 2011

The Lexington event, and a Road Trip Next Week...

I am a few days behind on posting, mainly because this week has been absolutely swamped.

Of course, I've been working hard on the third book of the Rising Dawn Saga! I have been having a great deal of fun with the threads, and there are going to be some real eye-openers in the third book that I don't think anyone who has read the first two will expect.

I also have been getting prepared for the first major road jaunt of the year, which occurs next week when I head out for a swing through Memphis, Clarksville (Arkansas), and Nashville. All three cities will have book events, with the Clarksville one being a special 2 day university event at the Ozarks campus of the University of Arkansas. Memphis will have a major test screening of Swordbearer, and the Clarksville event will also have a test showing. At present we are hoping to find a way to show the movie in Nashville.

Last week was the latest hometown event, which are always very special to me. It was held at the incredible Joseph-Beth of Lexington, a venue that just can't be beat. We had a very full night of activity, ranging from a presentation that included an introduction by my sister Courtney, a Q and A period, lots of giveaways, a signing, AND an afterparty at the restaurant next door (as well as the unveiling of a Swordbearer teaser trailer, but more on that next week)

Despite snow and dicey weather, we had a full crowd. According to Joseph-Beth, this was my best night of the 4 I have had there in the past couple of years for the novel releases. This happened despite the fact that many people I know very well came down with illness (including my editor of Dream of Legends, Karen Leet), or had road travel problems.

The energy was fantastic, as I gave a presentation focusing on what draws me to epic fantasy, and some facts on the new book. Prizes included several from Blackwyrm Publishing in Louisville, who were hardy enough to make the drive from there and attend, a couple copies of Steven Shrewsbury's Thrall, a Limited Edition hardcover of Dream of Legends, several t-shirts and poster arts from the new book and other titles.

I saw some folks that I met for the first time at the Kentucky Book Fair back in November, and even met some people that had come in from North Carolina, who each bought all FOUR of the books I have out. I was blown away by that, I have to say. Definitely a first for me to have someone come that far for one of my signings, and then load up on all the books like that! It was great to talk to everyone, and I probably made the line move slowly with my chatting, as I tend to do as I really enjoy seeing each person that is willing to make the effort to come out and support one of my events.

I had Matt Perry sit with me during the signing so that people were able to get artwork signed, as well as the exclusive print that we issue for the Lexington signings. This one was a colorized print of the Andamooran Warrior illustration from Dream of Legends, and the feedback was great on it. I was also happy to hear the outpouring of compliments directed to Matt on his artwork, as he does not get a chance to hear all the praise I have heard at conventions regarding his art. It was nice that he got to hear, first hand, how much people like his artwork.

As if all of the above was not enough, we also unveiled the teaser trailer for Swordbearer. Thankfully, it also went over really well, and I had many people come up to me who were incredibly happy with it, including some of the cast/crew members.

Things are definitely hopping! Swordbearer is coming together really nicely, with final color corrections and CGI pieces being inserted for the test screening cut.

My duties are also hopping for the Writing Track at Duckon and the Literary Programming at Fandom Fest, as both programming grids, near-final guest lists, and all that good stuff come together (which needs to be in place months before the events actually occur).

Writing, movies, conventions, travel...times are busy, but that's how I like it! Hope to see all my Tennesee friends next week!

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