Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday-Notes on my friend's new book, my new one, and more.

I hope that everyone had a great thanksgiving weekend! I had a relaxing one, including a fantastic dinner at with my mother, sister, and some of our closest friends. Kept up with traditions, such as watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (which was pretty amazing this year, with some super cool pizza dough twirlers that they needed to do a lot more coverage on), and loads of football (though I always find myself feeling bad for the Lions, who always host a Thanksgiving Day game and rarely seem to do very well).

I'm back at it here on monday, which in the US is called Cyber Monday, due to all the online shopping specials going on.

Right now I'm trying to get as much word out as possible for my new book Dream of Legends, which is no small task when you are with a small press publishers and have to contend with the big dollar marketing/PR blitzes from the major publishers. Thankfully, there are some bloggers who have read my books, and my reader-friends, who are helping me go against the grain in getting some word out there. Not an easy thing when the latest TOR release is requesting blogger coverage! LOL

I've just been given interview questions by a very well established blogger that I've not visited with yet, so there are some signs of new interest from the fantasy blogging community. I appreciate that so many of them are open to small press releases, which I think is a good approach, given that small press is where lots of new fantasy authors and very well-established ones are having releases with all of the consolidation and contraction going on at the major press level.

I hope that people do give the limited edition hardcover package some consideration this holiday. It is a very sharp looking book, with a special illustration not found in the regular edition, and it is accompanied by a big package of extras, with 2 posters, art cards, 8x10 cover art print, and bookmarks. Plus, you can add the newest t-shirt design from Dream of Legends for just over 8 bucks. All of it, including the new t-shirt, is signicantly less in price than a new video game, and the book will last a whole lot longer. Orders through the publisher are very helpful to the launch of a book, so do give it some thought.

And if you aren't in the mood for epic fantasy, I will give a shout out for my fellow SSP author Steven L. Shrewsbury, a friend of mine on the circuit, whose great heroic fantasy novel Thrall also has a limited edition version with extras. The deadline for pre-orders on his book is this Wednesday, and as prices go up significantly for any remaining packages after Wednesday, now is the best time to pre-order one.

Here's a link to the online store where you can see both Steven's book and my new one and the packages available. SSP does ship internationally too!

This week will involve a great deal of activity with the awareness campaign for the new book, but I will also be doing a lot of work for FandomFest, a great convention in Louisville Kentucky that I am serving as the Literary Track coodinator for. is the new website, and it takes place next summer from July 22-24. Expect some new media-related things with the convention that I will be participating in.

There will be a whole lot going on with Swordbearer post production throughout December, do keep an eye out for updates on that as well.

Those in the Madison Indiana area should come out and say hi this Saturday, where I'll be from 12-2 at That Book Place, a great bookstore owned by Frank Hall, a familiar face out on the Con circuit.


ediFanoB said...

I think there are more blogger who are interested in small publisher than you expect. I must admit that some of my more interesting reads have been books published by small publishers. That does not mean that I avoid to read books by well known authors.

And every time I like a book from a small publisher I try to share word about it on my blog. I may not have that big readership than other well known blogs but I think every reader is a potential buy of books.

I really, really look forward to Dream of Legends, the second book in your Fires in Eden series. Also Thrall by Steven Shrewsbury sounds promising. Hopefully you both will sell a lot of books before Christmas.

Anyway I will take your post as a call to drum up for your series and Steven's Thrall ... again.

Constant dripping wears away the stone!

sgzimmer said...


I agree that things are changing in terms of perception to small press releases. It has not hurt that many top-selling authors have been willing to have books put out on small press, and I think the changing conditions in publishing have contributed as well. With the major presses contracting their rosters and having to be more cautious about the titles that they put out, taking less chances in the process, small press offers a great avenue for discovering new and innovative authors. The quality of the books, if put out by a competent independent or small press, is as good as anything released by a major these days.

I'm glad you are looking forward to Dream of Legends. It is chock-full of action, epic battles, new revelations, creatures, characters and continues the threads from Crown of Vengeance in a solid manner. Can't wait to find out what you think.

Steven's book Thrall is fantastic. I'm a big fan of Robert E. Howard and David Gemmell, and love Conan and Druss, and I can say, without hesitation, that both of those characters would have a healthy respect and like for Gorias La Gaul. REALLY good stuff.

take care, and thanks for being open to reading small press release! We'll keep that drip going, LOL