Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Swordbearer Kicks off This Weekend!

It has definitely been a hectic week, but Swordbearer is poised to kick off this weekend with 2 shoots, covering 4 different scenes.

Day one will be at a castle location, doing a scene where the Jarl Thran arrives at his keep, meeting his regent, Loncaer, and an honor guard. Should visually be a very, very nice scene, as we couldn't ask for a better location.

Day two will be down at the Ft. Boonesborough park, using both the beach area on the Kentucky River as well as the old Civil War-era fort. A tavern scene, a scene with the Kel Mari (like elves), and a scene with the survivors of the shipwreck will be taking place this day. The author of Ascendant, the basis for Swordbeaer, H. David Blalock, will be making a camero in the tavern scene shot at Ft. Boonesborough!

I will scrape up some photos, but it is going to be very, very busy over the next few days as the kickoff the Swordbearer looms!


ediFanoB said...

Fingers crossed that everything goes as well as you expect.
It sounds like a very exciting weekend.
Look forward to the pictures....

sgzimmer said...

Hi Michael!

It did go very well! A wonderful kickoff to this production. I can't say enough about the team on this, from production side to cast.