Monday, July 19, 2010

Checking in...full update coming shortly!

Just wanted to post a brief update. Will be putting up some nice posts next week, complete with some spectacular pics, regarding the sojourn that I am currently on. I'm looking at epic scenery daily! Lots of good reinforcement for my depictions of Midragard, Trogen Lands, and perhaps some areas of the Middle Lands!

I will also be putting up a lot of new information about "Dreams of Steam", the new anthology from Kerlak Publishing, edited by Kimberly Richardson, which has my first Steampunk tale "In the Mountain Skies". There are many great authors in this one, such as Nick Valentino, Angelia Sparrow, Stephanie Osborn,Sara M. Harvey, Allan Gilbreath, Missa Dixon, and H. David Blalock.

It is available on The link to order it can be found at:

Pick up a copy today! :)

Keep an eye on this page, as I will have a very fun update to post in a few days!

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ediFanoB said...

I'm always behind reading my google reader entries.
Stephen Zimmer goes Steampunk - that sounds interesting. I added the book to my list.