Saturday, April 3, 2010

Progress towards the horizon....

Has been quite a work week...

on the literary front, I am working hard on the final polishes of the 2nd Book in the Rising Dawn Saga. I think readers are going to be very happy with how this builds and expands on the events and characters in The Exodus Gate. I can assure everyone that this book explodes with action, and the plot deepens, with all of the things regarding the Convergence, and what is transpiring in the Middle Lands. Some of these things are foreshadowed towards the end of The Exodus Gate, so readers might already have some ideas about what's coming, but I feel strongly that they are in for a wild ride in this one!

The third and fourth t-shirt designs, featuring Erishkegal and Kur from The Exodus Gate and Aethelstan from Crown of Vengeance, will arrive soon. I may also have an individual or two modeling them shortly, which I am happy about, as they will be exhibited properly for all of you to see. They are just 10 bucks, so I hope a few readers consider picking them up to show off some of Matt's illustrations from the book!

As small press author, I have to "cover my spread" working in freelance broadcast and video. One of the jobs I do is at Keeneland here in Lexington, one of the best horse racing tracks in the nation and one of the elite centers in the world for thoroughbred sales. It really is an amazing place, when I step back and look at it. Further, I work with a fantastic group (we've won two national simulcast awards, two years in a row), and we kicked off things wonderfully yesterday as a spring opening record of nearly 25,000 attended day one of the spring meet.

I run a broadcast graphics system that puts out all the graphics over the live video, which entails all the horse information, odds, tags, and other information regarding the races. It is run with a customized software system that interfaces with an Avid DekoCast. Live television is always an adventure, with all of the unexpected occuring (weather, cameras or other equipment malfunctioning, computer glitches, etc.) but it is definitely a good experience, and one that I hope to make use of in a creative capacity at some point in the future.

For the next three weeks, i'll be holding down the fort, while writing away, and then in May we'll launch another flurry of road treks!

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