Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hittin' the road...

It has been quite the adventure in Central Kentucky recently, with a nice dose of snow and cold weather to keep things interesting. Needless to say, 1 water heater down, 1 repaired water main in the neighborhood, and other such fun, I am rarin' to hit the road and go to a Con.

I will be making the trek to ConNooga this weekend, for 3 panels and other activities. I am supposed to have an author table next to D.A. Adams, who was kind enough to read Crown of Vengeance and do a blurb for it. We definitely mesh well, so it should be a great weekend.

We did finally get a hardcover version of The Exodus Gate up. Just go to the Seventh Star Press site if you are interested at They are just 25 bucks, and they look really sharp with the gold stamp, soft cloth hardcover, full color dust jacket, etc.

I hope to have some info shortly, as in this weekend, regarding the Kindle version of Crown of Vengeance. SSP is also re-upping The Exodus Gate's Kindle version as well, cleaning up a couple of knick knacks that alert readers let us know about.

Beyond this weekend, March gets really busy, with trips to Dark Woods Con in Pikeville, KY, MidSouth Con in Memphis, and Millennicon in Cincinnati Oh. Stay tuned for more adventures there.

On a side note, my friend Michael West, a very talented horror author, just had a short story anthology released called Skull Full of Kisses from the excellent publisher Graveside Tales . If you like horror well-crafted and inspired, check this one out. I ordered a copy from the publisher and it should arrive this week.

I also picked up Kimberly Richardson's Tales from a Goth Librarian while I was at Davis-Kidd for the recent booksignings, and Shirley Damsgaard's new one, The Seventh Witch. So I'll have a little bit of a full plate on some good new books!

Progress is going well on the "spec-script" project, and we are on track for the march deadline. I hope this works out so that I can talk more about it.

There will be some updates shortly on the SantaBoy project, which is shooting now in April (written and directed by Scott Sullivan, I'm working as a producer on this one), and the short film based on H. David Blalock's Ascendant novel.

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