Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pulling the full package together

A quick note here...we've been working, working, working to get the full package together for Crown of Vengeance, from the book to all of the collectibles that will go with the Limited Edition and Trade Paperback pre-orders. I am very, very focused on giving my readers the best possible package that we can pull off, and going the extra mile as a way of showing my gratitude for their support.

I must say that the art card set for this book looks killer. There will be 9 cards in the set (2 more than we were able to do for the Exodus Gate, which was a 7 card set). We are also working through a poster that will be slightly larger in dimensions than the last one, and a very slick 8X10 of the cover art. Last, but not least, is a collectible bookmark set that will contain no less than EVERY illustration and the cover art used in the Limited Edition (which has one extra full page illustration done especially for this version). I think people are going to really like the package.

The hardcover looks very sharp!

Sooooo much goes into this, even the things that don't seem all that complicated. It really is a big undertaking, and Matt Perry has been fantastic and has risen to the challenge of translating everything for the package.

I am also very, very grateful to all the bloggers that have participated in the book announcement for Crown Of Vengeance. Their readers each got a sneak peak of one of the illustrations in the book, as one image was designated for each blogger to use exclusively for a week and a half.

Lots going on, and I have to remain tunnel-visioned to get it all accomplished, but we're on track!

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