Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Book Promotion, ConCarolinas trip this weekend, and alot more!

Following a harrowing week on the personal front involving my mother's health, which has thankfully resolved well, I am back in the thick of things and preparing for this weekend's ConCarolinas visit.

I will be running a Seventh Star Press table there with Susan Rummel and Lori Baker of ScareFest (great paranormal and horror convention held in the fall in Lexington, KY.). This should be a blast. This is the first exhibit table I have done at a convention like this, so we'll see how it all goes! I've got some really nice new banners, one for The Exodus Gate, and one for Indie Movie Masters that we will display, so our table should at least look good! LOL

I am also going to look to try to visit Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Charlotte and Park Road Books in Charlotte, both independent booksellers who are carrying The Exodos Gate.

I have been taking to doing some more journalistic endeavors lately. I have a real affinity for the other folks in the film and book worlds who operate at the independent level. I know how tough it is, so I want to do a little bit to do what I can to bring some attention to some worthy writers, small press publishers, film groups, filmmakers, and more.

To that end, I have started doing blogs/interviews over at the Indie Movie Masters blogsite ( indiemoviemasters.blogspot.com ) and I will be doing a series of articles and interviews for use on the Seventh Star Press site as well. Should be alot of fun, and I hope it helps some hard-working independent folks. (visit the IMM blog today to check out a new interview I conducted with Nathan Day, writer/director of Bulletsong, which should be out later this summer. Last week's interview was on Mike Gonzales, lead singer of the heavy metal band Spent, regarding the band's new CD Scars and their CD release party that happened last Friday in Lexington (Which went very well by the way, great crowd and they sounded excellent!)

Last, but not least, there's a new summer promotion at Seventh Star Press for The Exodus Gate to encourage purchasing of the book in bookstores. I really hope people make a little effort to get the book at a bookstore, as these places are what helps an author grow and get established. We definitely need to reward the places giving small press authors a chance too! ;)

Here's the information on the promotion:

The Exodus Gate Summer Promotion:

Buy The Exodus Gate in a bookstore and get free collectible memorabilia from The Exodus Gate!

To encourage readers to buy The Exodus Gate in a bookstore, we are making a special offer.

Mail us a receipt of copy of your purchase receipt for The Exodus Gate from a bookstore, or email us a scanned image or clearly readable photo, and we will send you a free, full set of 7 full color, glossy art cards, depicting the cover art and 6 of the full page illustrations from the book that were done by artist Matthew Perry.

The back of these cards have information on the images and are numbered as a set. You will also receive a complimentary pair of bookmarks from The Exodus Gate to go with your set of art cards.

A full list of stores carrying the Exodus Gate can be found at:


Email scans or photos of receipts to: seventhstar@seventhstarpress.com

Or mail copies or purchase receipts to:
Seventh Star Press
Attn: Bookstore promotion
3801 Dylan Place Suite 116, #7
Lexington, KY. 40514-1062

Please be sure to include your full mailing address, and we will send you a package out right away! Thank you for supporting bookstores that support small press publishing!

This summer promotion will run through the end of August.

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