Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Screening, the Signing, and off to DemiCon 20!

Whew! It has indeed been very busy the past couple of weeks, and I am admittedly a little behind on the blog!

We had our premiere screening and DVD party for Indie Movie Masters on April 9th and also my homefront bookstore signing at Joseph Beth Booksellers on April 17th. I am also getting ready to make my first appearance in Des Moines, when I attend DemiCon 20 this coming weekend from May 1 to 3.

First off, the screening for Indie Movie Masters. You can't get much better of a venue than the historic Kentucky Theater in downtown Lexington. For me, this was my first premiere/screening since Shadows Light premiered there, so needless to say I really was looking forward to it.

Here's a pic with some of the gang, from left, Jake Workman, Larry Vires, me, Dave Workman, Sven Granlund, and Matthew Perry.

The turnout was strong, even despite the fact that we were up against a very heavily promoted downtown Lexington event involving a slew of bar and restaurant venues. Alot of indie filmmakers attended, such as Cherokee Hall, Jerry Williams, Eric Butts, Jacob Ennis (whose new movie Stash is really making a big splash all over), Greg Brock, Nathan Day, Jason Scolf, and others. It really meant alot to me to see these folks out there, and I am hoping that a few of them will be participating in the Indie Movie Masters series.

Matthew Perry and Sven Granlund of Cineline productions gave out a bunch of DVDs and other items before the night got underway. Then we showed a number of trailers, including the new one from Aaron Champion and Justin Ford for No Town (, which is set for the 2nd DVD in the Festival of Horrors series. We also showed Anubis Digital's trailer for Requiem for the Fallen, from Mark Poole, which is really, really sharp (and it is for a pilot for a new tv series too!). Zeppo and Shadows Light trailers also made an appearance!

I was also very honored to have the new Bullet Song Trailer from Nathan Day debuted at the screening, which we showed in conjunction with the music video from Spent for Breaking Down (which is in Bullet Song and features Bullet Song footage). My last blog post has more information on the trailer and where you can go check it out. It looks to be an outstanding independent drama, and will be out later this summer.

We had a few exhibitors just outside the theater, including Lori and Susan from ScareFest, the very popular paranormal and horror convention that will return to Lexington this September.

Author Nic Brown (who is a very multi-facted guy, photographer, movie journalist, ninja, and much more!) had a table promoting his book Werewolf for Hire, Book One. Go pick up a copy over at Amazon!

And then, it was the homefront book signing at Joseph-Beth Booksellers of Lexington

It was simply an amazing night. We sold out of books and it was non-stop from the time that I took my seat a few minutes before 7 to the end of it at 9 (and we extended a few minutes beyond). I did not know what to expect, other than that I was in one of the best bookstores in the entire country. From people that I did not previously know to others that I have not seen since high school, the night had a surreal element to it. I was truly grateful for the outpouring of support, as the path I have taken is a very, very difficult one and I really appreciated the vote of confidence! The Joseph-Beth staff was more than generous and kind, from Brooke, their PR and Events Coordinator, onward. She was feeling under the weather that night, and really made me feel at home!

Now, I am getting ready to head to Des Moines, Iowa for DemiCon 20, a science fiction and fantasy convention that is well-established there. I am looking forward to this one, as I will be on panels with some very, very good authors such as Joe Haldeman and Shirley Damsgaard. I am going to be on 3 panels, do a reading for The Exodus Gate, and have a signing for The Exodus Gate. I will be sure to have a full report here!

Thanks for bearing with this monster-sized posting, but there was alot to catch up on!

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