Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Reviews, MidSouth Con 27, and More!

Hey everyone, I'm off to Memphis to visit MidSouthCon 27. I am very excited to be back down in Tennesee, and based on what I've heard about MidSouthCon I am confident that it will be a great experience. I will be fairly busy down there, with 2 panel appearances, a signing, and a reading (Reading is on Friday at 5 pm in the Redwood Room Panels are on Saturday's schedule with a 3 pm signing window).

Right at the cusp of leaving, I found out that our first Exodus Gate review was posted by Yellow30 Sci-Fi. They have posted it on their main site at, their two blog sites, as well as under our listing. Here are direct links to the two blog sites. Check it out when you get a chance.

...and that wasn't all! on the movie side of things, we got a nice review of Indie Movie Masters Presents Festival of Horrors Vol 1 DVD (which has my short film The Sirens on it) over at It is a review that not only covered the films, but also really caught the concept of the series itself. Here is the link:

I will definitely be giving a full report on MidSouthCon and the trek when I get back.

Lots of updates about The Exodus Gate shortly. One tidbit is that the Kindle Version is now up and available on!

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