Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On the Film Front and Some Updates

Figured I would get in a brief update, along with some movie information, while we are deluged with ice and snow here in Lexington. It is sometimes nice to have a few moments to think, or at least be highly amused during days in which the new head of the Treasury (and by extension, IRS) is a blatant, brazen tax evader. You gotta love the humor in a world turning upside down. Next thing you know, this Geithner fellow is probably going to be hard core on auditing the rest of us!

There's a new site up at http://www.indiemoviemasters.com that launches the beginning of several new DVD series focusing upon indie films and filmmakers. My short film The Sirens is on Volume 1 of the Festival of Horrors series. I had alot of fun doing the film, which is more of a straight ahead horror tale, working with the likes of Scott Sullivan, Nathan Day, Natasha Smith, and a wonderful cast and crew.

here's a cover image that links to the site:

Check it out and I would really appreciate it if you pick up a DVD on the site. We are trying to get a nice thing going for indie filmmakers in multiple genres.

As far as the book goes, we are not far from shipping the limited editions. We had a two week hiccup of sorts as Matt, the artist for the cover and interior illustrations, had a very serious family emergency to attend to. Everything is fine with Matt, and we are fully back on track, but we are a little behind on delivery. I apologize for that, but it will be worth the wait! I am happy to announce that the Limited Editions will have an extra full page illustration, and that Matt will be signing the Limited Editions as well.

In fact, to really commemorate this project, I have asked my wondrous editor, Amanda DeBord, to sign the Limited Editions as well!

So you will have author, artist, and editor signing the limited edition versions. How cool is that?


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