Thursday, August 2, 2018

Tommy Robinson Wins Appeal and the Judgement Proves What Many of Us Have Been Saying for Months

I was elated to hear that Tommy Robinson won his appeal yesterday in London. As I've commented on extensively in recent posts, what happened to him in the Leeds Court back in May was a mockery of justice and had all of the trappings of an authoritarian state.

With the mainstream media and most government entities so virulently biased against Tommy, I cannot say I was confident that he would get a fair hearing in court, even though his new legal team presented a tremendous case back on July 25th during his appeal hearing.

To my amazement and joy, the court decision yesterday delivered a rather scathing rebuke of what the Leeds Court did with Tommy in May. Tommy is likely going to have to face a re-hearing (which I think is absurd), but he was let out of prison immediately on bail, with only a few minor conditions.

For some detail, here is a statement from Carson Kaye Solicitors, Tommy's representation, regarding the judgement yesterday:  Click here

The higher court's decision yesterday vindicated everything that myself and so many others were pointing out about the despicable nature of the Leeds court's treatment of Tommy when they rushed him through from arrest to sentencing to incarceration in under 5 hours (including a lunch recess!). Tommy never had a chance to properly address the contempt of court allegations.

 At the very least, now he will, with a fantastic legal team at his side. I think this team will lay the facts out in a way that will be hard for any court to twist and use to put Tommy back into prison.

The main thing is that Tommy is now free and out of prison.  It was a day for celebration, even though I'm very conscious of the hard work and effort that lies ahead to advance the cause of freedom, free speech, and a free press, all of which Tommy has become a living symbol for.

One video made me happier than any other statement or report yesterday. After being held in solitary for 23 1/2 hours a day, Tommy finally got to be reunited with his children and wife. He shared this wonderful moment and any person with a shred of conscience can sense the suffering and price Tommy has paid to fight for what he believes in.


Tommy emerged from prison looking very gaunt in comparison to the man who was whisked off into incarceration back in May. Details are just beginning to emerge, but needless to say, to any rational person, Tommy endured a worse atmosphere than murderers are made to experience. A little of this came out in an interview he gave yesterday to Ezra Levant of Rebel Media.


As you can sense, a lot more is going to emerge, and the authoritarians that seek to suppress speech, an independent press, and other rights are not going to walk away quietly.  If anything, I expect the vitriol to increase and the MSM to strive even harder to smear and slant coverage of Tommy.  They will hurl every baseless "far right" and "racist" accusation that they can, even though both things can be readily debunked with just a little research of what Tommy actually says and represents. (I'll be doing a big post on this topic very soon).  

The reason they will double down on trying to destroy him is because he represents individual empowerment.  He does not compromise who he is.  He does not bow to the powers that be.  He stands up for the voiceless and those without influence.

That's the last thing that authoritarians want to see taking root in the general public they seek to rule and control.  An informed, empowered and motivated public conscious of natural rights is the antithesis to authoritarianism. 

That is precisely why all of us have to advance the cause of freedom, raise our voices louder, and increase our own efforts.  In doing so, we serve each other in a way that leads toward our highest potential.

For the moment, though, be sure to celebrate this wonderful Tommy Robinson is FREE!  :)