Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Some Intentions for Writing In 2019!

In a writing sense, I hit the ground running in 2019 with a central focus on the 4th installment of my Fires in Eden Series. 

It has been some time now since Spirit of Fire (the 3rd book in the Fires in Eden series) was released.  That book, and The Undying Light (Book 4 of the Rising Dawn Saga) marked a time where I had a tremendous amount of output, content-wise, as a writer.  During the first few years after my first published novel The Exodus Gate was released (winter of 2009), I was able to get two larger novels out a year in addition to some short stories (alternating releases between the Fires in Eden Series and Rising Dawn Saga). 

As always, I never handed in anything to an editor until I had the manuscript where I wanted it. It was just a matter of being in a great groove, being able to sustain long writing sessions that were very productive, and keep on a steady pace.

Following the cancer diagnosis and passing of my mother in 2013, a time that affected me tremendously, I still continued to write and have new material published, but I leaned more heavily toward shorter formats, with a lot of short stories and smaller scale novels such as Heart of a Lion and Thunder Horizon.  I didn't have the same volume of output overall as my earlier period until 2018, when I hit a great stride with the writing of the Rayden Valkyrie and Ragnar Stormbringer novellas. 

Overall, 2018 (up to January 1, 2019) saw the release of eight novellas, two print compendiums, and a larger-scale novel.  To summarize the year:

Rayden Valkyrie Tales - (eBook-only stand-alone novellas)

Blood of a Queen
Winds of War
The Sun's Caress
Across Desert Plains

The Rayden Valkyrie Tales, Volume I (Print-only compendium, contains Blood of a Queen, Winds of War, and the Sun's Caress)

Ragnar Stormbringer Tales

Depths of Night
When the Cold Breathes
Altar of Gods
Tears in the Snow

The Ragnar Stormbringer Tales, Volume I (Print-only compendium, contains Depths of Night, When the Cold Breathes, and Altar of Gods)

Dream of the Navigator, Book One of the Faraway Saga.  

Having regained the kind of writing rhythm I had years ago, I began 2019 in a full throttle mode and have about 70,000 words of material so far for the 4th Fires in Eden novel. I have also been pouring through notes, making notes, and doing research for this book and others that I am aiming to work on this year. 

I think 2018 got me back into a great frame of mind for advancing both the Fires in Eden series and the Rising Dawn Saga.  I think part of the delay that occurred between 2013 and now was due to the fact that both series were developed and the first few installments of each were written when my mother, and father, were alive.  They were the first to read my earliest versions and both of them supported my path as a writer.  As such, they were a big part of my journey as an author in relation to these books. 

I was somehow able to maintain my ideal writing zone after my father passed in 2006, but after my mother passed I think that a shadow was cast over these two series in a creative sense, the more I look back at it.  (Thankfully, that creative shadow has finally passed)

Currently, and it may sound crazy, I am aiming to work on the following:

Book 4 of the Fires in Eden Series
Book 5 of the Rising Dawn Saga
Book 3 (the final installment) of the Dark Sun Dawn Trilogy
Book 2 of the Faraway Saga

In addition, I will be getting some more Rayden and Ragnar tales out there, and look to complete some more short stories that may result in anything from a Hellscapes, Volume 3 to a Chronicles of Ave, Volume 2, to an Annals of the Rising Dawn, Volume 1. 

No promises on those new short story collections being released, as they depend on getting a little extra time here and there, but I think there's a good shot that at least one of those can happen.

I have a real strong vision of the direction I need to go with the projected novels above, and barring any "life happens" kind of issues I think I can get most all, if not all, of my target list completed this year.  Yes, it sounds ambitious, but I am back to a higher volume of writing output and in a really good zone.  I am achieving longer writing sessions with a high level of productivity and keeping to a steady course.

Keep your fingers crossed!  2019 may see my best level of output yet!  I want to give my readers a lot to look forward to and reward them for their loyalty and support, so I will be giving it my all. :)

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