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Why the Tommy Robinson Case in the UK is Important to Everyone

Two words could ignite a worldwide awakening regarding the importance of free expression.

Tommy Robinson.

Before you have a knee-jerk reaction to the kinds of things you may have heard in the corporate media, replete with labels like "right wing", "fascist", and "nazi", hear me out and consider this case.

It is of concern to all of us, no matter what political label is used to classify us, such as left wing, right wing, or center.

On June 9th, from 3pm to 7pm at Whitehall, Westminster, London, SW1A 2DD, there will be a rally that everyone in the UK who values free expression and liberty absolutely needs to make every effort to attend, support, and stand tall at, with apology to NO ONE. 

You may be called names, be intimidated, and have tongues clucked at you, but all of that only serves to prove that you are on the moral high ground.

And here's why.

Tommy Robinson is undeniably controversial. He is a well-known critic of Islam, which is the reason that many try to apply the term of "racist" and ""nazi" to him.

The problem with that kind of smear attempt is that Islam is NOT a race.  It is a religion.

Here in the United States of America, multitudes who are of the Christian faith can attest to the regularity of insults, smears, and criticisms that they have to deal with, most often from the left wing of the political spectrum.

It may be unpleasant and offensive for those of the Christian faith, but it is part of the package that comes with things like free speech and free expression. It is part of living in a free society.

As a religion, the things that Islam espouses are wide open to criticism and rejection by those who do disagree with them and do not hold their views  Apparently, this is a foreign concept in places like the EU, who go to great lengths to try to make it seem that criticism equates with racism.

This is a fallacious argument.  It is also dangerous.

Islam happens to be one of the only religions that openly advocates an outright fusion of religious beliefs and government, through the structure of Sharia Law. 

As such, it is imperative that those who desire a free society and champion the rights of women, homosexuals, and others to live free lives with equal natural rights place great scrutiny on the beliefs and teachings advocated by the adherents of this religion.

Tommy Robinson most indeed has been a vociferous critic of Islam.  His style is rough on the edges and coarse.  But that does not make him a racist.

So what was Tommy Robinson trying to expose when he was arrested on May 10, 2018?

Child grooming gangs are, in point of fact, engaged in pedophilia. Tommy has been aggressively shining a light on the miscreants who are part of child grooming gangs in the UK.

Tommy has taken on this mission at great cost to himself, resulting in previous jailings (during which time he was assaulted) and many physical threats to himself.

Child grooming gangs are something that have not been covered in the corporate media much, yet it is on the rise.

Want to have a look at the kinds of charges of charming individuals in the case Tommy was exposing?

Here you go:

Ask yourself, were these guys arrested, sentenced and whisked off to prison in a matter of hours after a courtroom session of minutes?

I'll answer that. Tommy Robinson was. Not these fellows.

It is interesting that the court demanded a media blackout on this case, when the dangers like this absolutely need to be known by the people of the UK.  Child grooming gangs are a direct and immediate threat to families and it is reprehensible that the courts there provide cover to a trial of this nature.

The UK populace  has a right to know of an active trial of this nature and anything less is morally indefensible  It is in the public interest, without a doubt.

For more on the problem of child grooming gangs in the UK, here is one example via an established media outlet from the UK.  It is a good perspective on the issue and I advise any fair-minded individual to read it.

So, where was Tommy arrested? 

OUTSIDE of the court, on the street, after doing a Facebook live broadcast on his phone.  In the Facebook live he was merely reporting on the case itself, yet he was accused of "breaching the peace" and interfering with "jurors", which was used to claim that Tommy breached an earlier suspended sentence where he was also trying to report on genuine violent threats to the UK (I encourage you to look up the video of him taking down an actual ISIS battle flag ... yes, the same murderous ISIS that was beheading and killing Christians and all sorts of others all across the Middle East until they were soundly defeated by Russians/Syrians in Syria and Iraqis/Americans in Iraq.)

The only logical way he could actually have interfered with jurors is if they were sitting in the court room camped out on their mobile phones watching his Facebook Live broadcast.  In other words, a total joke of an accusation.

Furthering the kangaroo nature of this court is the fact that the judge watched the arrest from a window ... thus becoming a material witness.  The fact that the judge did not recuse himself flies in the face of any sense of a fair hearing.

Here's a widely distributed photo of the judge watching Tommy getting arrested.

Furthering the kangaroo nature of the court, to gasps in the courtroom, this "judge" admitted to barely listening to the Facebook Live stream that was used as the main piece of evidence in sentencing Tommy to 13 months in prison.

Nobody in their right mind can say that a person given MINUTES in a courtroom can adequately defend charges and dispute the circumstances of their arrest, yet that is what happened.

Any decent society makes sure that those incarcerated under its power are kept safe when likely threats of harm exist.  Yet Tommy has been incarcerated in a prison that is loaded with individuals who are highly likely to seek to harm him.

Making this point undeniable is the fact that a precedent exists, in that Tommy HAS previously been assaulted while incarcerated by adherents to radical Islamic beliefs.

No such protection was provided by this judge despite these clear and irrefutable precedents, cementing the kangaroo nature of this court.

Even more despicable, the judge declared a media blackout on Tommy Robinson's arrest  At this point, it should have been self-evident to all of the police-state nature of this court and judge.

This blackout was lifted four days later, after immense pressure from the grassroots campaigns across the word and court challenges by a few journalists with integrity. I say a few, because most of the corporate media there in the UK has proved to be feckless cowards in a situation that should have outraged and motivated them.

Thankfully, free speech and free press still exists to some extent in America and we are not muzzled quite so easily like the media outlets in the UK.  A few popular media figures in the USA like Tucker Carlson were willing to explore this situation and came at it from the right perspective in my opinion.  Tucker is intellectually honest versus the intellectually bankrupt "journalists" populating corporate media in the UK.

Take a look with an open mind.

Freedom of speech is paramount to a free society.  It is obvious that free expression is under attack.  The label of "hate speech" has been expanded to include speech that is merely offensive or critical.  The mere act of disagreeing with someone can land a "hate speech" accusation in this Orwellian climate.

Nobody has a right not to be offended or criticized.  It is part of a climate of free and open discourse that is of the utmost interest in seeking truths, exchanging ideas, encouraging debate, and finding answers that benefit everyone.

Add to that the fact that freedom of speech is an intrinsic part of liberty, which is an intrinsic natural right.  Natural rights belong to everyone and are not bestowed by government.  Government can only protect or suppress them.  Unfortunately, the UK has increasingly chosen the latter path (evidenced in many other issues, such as the recent case involving the denial of parental rights in the tragic Alfie Evans case). 

The arrest and imprisonment of Tommy Robinson is an egregious affront to everyone who embraces liberty.  This abomination must be confronted and resisted, making the June 9th demonstration at Whitehall in London so very important.

Everyone in the UK that can make it to this rally must do so.  Nothing less than your future is at stake.  Freedom and free expression are in the balance and the willpower must be found to push back the authoritarian tides that have been allowed to creep in for far too long.

Free expression is something that is a natural right to everyone, no matter what religion, gender, ethnic group, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or any other category that "they" put us into  Come together, unite, and let them know that freedom and liberty for all is non-negotiable.

At the end of the day, though, there is one thing to keep in mind.  No matter what you may think of Tommy Robinson, what happened to him could easily happen to you if your views fall afoul of the prevailing, approved narrative of those in power.

In other words, it could happen to anyone, which is why this issue is important to everyone.


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