Wednesday, June 13, 2018

When a Government Shows Its Malignant Nature, the People's Voice Must Grow Louder

It was reported earlier today that Tommy Robinson has been moved to a much more dangerous prison environment that will put him at tremendous risk of personal harm; to the extent that there is a very real fear that he could be killed while incarcerated.

A government with any shred of moral essence provides for the security of those that it incarcerates.  In this instance, the order to move Tommy ultimately falls under the responsibility of Justice Minister David Gauke, as it is under his ministry's authority that such moves are made.

This order not only fails to provide for Tommy's security, it actively forces him into a much more dangerous environment.

At this point, the malignant nature of the entire situation is abundantly clear.  From the nature of his "crime" (reporting public information on a public street on a matter of grave interest and importance to the general public), to the kangaroo court that took a defendant from arrest to sentencing in a matter of hours (and only minutes in terms of the courtroom hearing.), to this newest development involving his transfer to a much more dangerous prison environment, there is only one reasonable conclusion that can be reached.

Tommy's incarceration is an abomination, in any way that you look at it.

What has happened to Tommy is immoral.  It is unjust. It is egregious.  It continues to worsen in all those respects.

In my previous two posts I have outlined my thoughts regarding Tommy's arrest.  It exposes a very authoritarian nature to the legal system in the UK and begs for massive reform bringing about things like the First Amendment (and others) that are enshrined here in the United States.

Anything less leaves the overwhelming majority of the population vulnerable to suffering the same kind of fate as Tommy, at any time, and for whatever reason the legal system there conjures up.  Keep in mind that all authoritarian regimes in history put forth structure, statues, and documents to support their tyranny.

If ever there was a wake-up call for the people, then this is it.

The moving of Tommy to a much more dangerous prison environment raises a more troubling issue.  It is almost as if the system WANTS to see Tommy harmed or killed while in custody, when they know fully well it will set off a backlash that can get out of control in a hurry.

Some may raise an eyebrow at that statement, but the facts are clear.

They have made no provisions for Tommy's security since the beginning, despite knowing he has suffered harm while incarcerated previously.  Further, they have taken Tommy from a lower-risk prison environment to a much higher one, on the week following the massive rallies in London.  This move was not necessary.

Either they are very stupid or they know precisely what they are doing in putting him at greater risk.  My instincts tell me it is the latter explanation.

This must be kept in mind going forward.  If Tommy comes to harm while in their hands, the blame entirely rests with the powers that whisked him from the street, sentenced, and incarcerated him in a few hours.

The people in the UK continue to deal with a government that is running roughshod over natural rights, a mainstream media that refuses to engage in true journalism, and a legion of quislings who have no problem with authoritarian behavior directed at British citizens .

It is not going to be an easy struggle ahead, but the people must stand together, organize, and speak ever louder.

A movement is underway and it can bring about the kind of change that benefits and empowers every single individual there.  Free speech and expression are essential to liberty.  The people of the UK must work to wake others up and join the effort to bring about lasting reform.


Update:  Found out after posting this article that the YouTube video Tommy had posted in March warning that he might not be around much longer was scrubbed from YouTube.  Interesting "coincidence" that the scrubbing of this video happened during the same time window as his prison transfer discussed above.

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